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Love the feeling and the smell

This become my favorite incense. I'll keep ordering along with the rose incense. Thank you

Powerful Teachings

I never truly understood the kundalini and the role of the chakras until I read this book...must read again. This is another book to carry in your purse/mind/heart. Grateful to tears FOR MASTER SAMAEL teachings.

Invaluable Source

Deeply grateful to have this gem in my treasure chest. The book Sexology is full of wisdom and useful tools. Every chapter had a brilliant nugget to examine. For instance, the chapter on Planetary Influence referenced and outlined clearly and understandably the Cosmic Duty each initiate has to perform in order to achieve harmony with the Infinite; the chapter entitled the Infraconsciousness profoundly summarized the crises of incarceration, especially people of color, and the need to address individual challenges in a more humane manner; and one more, Chapter 25 dealing with the Krishnamurti case provided sound advice related to the importance of learning how to be silent.

Of the three mentioned, not to take any merit away from the others, the chapter on Planetary Influence was by far my favorite. Oh, and the cover illustration adds an imposing flair.

Thank you, Glorian, and Master Samael Aun Weor for this precious jewel.

Inverential Peace,

Powerful and Simple

The most powerful prayers are combined in a simple manner, facilitating great ease of use.

Perfect Matrimony
Tasos Maroudas
A must read for the gnostic student

The book where Master Samael explains how humans should actually work with their sexuality,processes and methods we had no idea about or maybe we are practicing exactly the opposite. It is a bit tough to read and comprehend if you are new to Gnosis, so maybe you should come here after reading some other introductory books of Master Samael's work. A must read if you want to have a complete view of Gnosis and a must to start practicing as well.

Strong finish

Definitely one of the great masters of the 20th century. He makes it easy to connect.

Daily Prayer Book
Richard Valintine
Beautiful on my altar.

A lovely prayer book full of contemplative words and Mantra to help with my process of self awareness. Many thanks.

Pentagram Sticker [Blue]

Hi - sadly I still haven’t received my parcel as yet. Hopefully it will get to me soon.

Very nice

I love burning this myrrh resin before meditation, seems a great quality, thank you.

Kalachakra Tibetan Incense
Suzanne Winters
Love this incense

The Kalachakra incense smells gorgeous and burns fabulous. Love it!

Maitreya Print
Suzanne Winters

It was well packed and came in perfect condition, thank you!

Incense for meditation

This incense smells amazing. I use it regularly for meditation and cleansing. Highly recommend 👌

Incense Charcoal
Edward Keto

Effective and clean


Inspires me to climb every day

Maitreya Print
Edward Keto

Divine mother

Gets the job done!

Easy to use and burns incense well.

Wonderful aroma!

Opoponax has a wonderful smell, something along the lines of sweet and woody. It almost reminds me of granola. Very nice quality.

Like this 👌

Great smell, good for bathing and foot soak.

Major Mysteries
Adam Gill
The Sacred Creative Energy

This revelatory book explains the vast potential of the creative sexual force. Samael Aun Weor appropriately explains through Biblical myth the sexual teachings allegorized in the sacred texts. This book smoothly flows from our original inception in ancient Lemuria through our recent past, explicating the role of Jesus of Nazareth and his religious training, to our modern reality. Like many of Samael Aun Weor's other books, "The Major Mysteries" keeps a central focus on Christ while complementing the teachings with other world religions. It gives practical advice on how to integrally change our experience of life and is inviting to all readers.

Lovely, clean comforting smell

I Really like the smell of frankincense, there is something comforting and calming about it and the best part is that a little goes a long way. I have a brazier and an oil burner and sometimes i like to use the oil burner with a tea light candle cause then the scent lasts longer. The resin just melts and releases a scent for longer aa opposed to completely burning it on a charcoal. So now i use charcoal, or an oil burner or i just light one of the incense sticks. Everything is really great quality.

Daily Prayer Book
Maria Elida V.
Prayer book

Very happy to have all the prayers in one book, I just wish that the lettering be a little bigger or in a bold black ink.

First time trying this first grade resin incense. Highly recommend it good for doing vocalization practice mantra repetition. Also used it before going to bed utilizing the exercises from Aztec Christie Magic book. Highly recommend ! Thank you

Daily Prayer Book
David Purcell
Daily Prayer Book

I am quite pleased with the newest addition to my altar - The Daily Prayer Book! It contains some of the most powerful prayers known to man. I love it!

Beyond Death
Tasos Maroudas
A must and easy read - a very informative book

Extremely Interesting in order to get a glimpse of things awaiting for us after physical. A book that can be read relatively fast with not very difficult concepts and can be an option for new to Gnosis and Samael Aun Weor's books as well.

In this book Samael provides us with information on how to meditate and invoke passed on relatives, speaks for the Law or Return (which we mistakenly mention as reincarnation), along with karma and dharma and how to remember previous lives. He explains the concepts of Heaven and **** and what they actually refer to. Additionally in this book, we learn about important powerful prayers, specific Angels along with how how and when we can pray to each of them.

A must and easy read in my opinion, I actually read it twice.


It has a beautiful scent. I couldn’t be more pleased with the product! I use it for cleansing meditations.