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Magic of the Runes
Alfred Osegueda

It is a magnificent book , it helps awaken the consciousness and all give truths to it. In these books written by our savior samael aun weor are like no other. I practice mantras daily for about 10 years now and I'm just amazed for the knowledge one can aquire through these books if put to practice.


The Tibetan incense offered by the Glorian store is second to none! I have purchased more than I have actually tried, but I have never been disappointed by this high quality incense! It is superb!

beautiful clean scent.

Eternal Tarot
rodney cartmell

Thank you


We have one poster in every room!
They are wonderful to study and serve as great reminders.
I am thrilled Glorian added the Samatha poster- my absolute favorite! Just looking at it calms my mind and reminds me to keep looking within.
The colors of the Chakra poster are stunning.
We laminated ours so they are holding up nicely, and this has also allowed us to place them in our bathrooms.

Eternal Tarot
Purifying indoor incense

Really enjoyed the purifying smell of the air in my home when I lit the incense acquires from the Gnostic store.

Revolution of the Dialectic

White Sage Smudge Stick
Aliver Delgado-Martinez
Eminent for creating a relaxing and clean setting!

Thank you family at Glorian! Thank you God. Prominent for cleaning an environment.

Yellow Book
Gregory Clements

Sorry for taking long responding. I would have to read it again to give it a review. During my research of the Fire body or the Electric Christ body- I came across glorian which referred the yellow book concerning that particular information. So I brought it and read it. It was informative as my interest was particular concerning 7 letters to the seven angels of the seven churches. In whole I would say that the book is excellent as a starter for information concerning deeper uncommon knowledge about God. So to me the author touched on the Fire very briefly- forwarding the rest of the information of that fire in his other works as I am reading now...So, TTFN😇

Black Copal Resin Incense
Concepcion Munoz
Black Copal Resin

I really enjoy doing my ceremonies with the resin! It smells great and burns very well. Will be making my orders from here from now on. Fast shipping as well :)

Pentagram Sticker [Blue]
Marie-Chantal Brisson
Nice and handy

Good quality

Smells delicious

The Asafoetida Resin has a roasted garlic smell to it. I like lighting it around lunch time because it smell delicious. Wonderful product!

Tibetan Sandlewood

Very nice scent, first time used, lot better than expected, I will be using it more. I recommed to any one.

Jasmine Imperial

The may be my favorite the fragrance lasts a long time and is very appealing.

Wonderful Experience

I decided to add some incense to my order from this gnostic store, because I was certain that the quality of the incense I would order here, would be the very best. The package arrived very quickly, and upon receiving the order I didn't waste any time to give it a try. And although I am only a beginner in the field of incense, I am very impressed by the quality. I noticed all the incense (from my order) from the gnostic store is helping me to get to an altered state, and it works beautifully when doing some work which requires a little introspection. It makes doing the work a wonderful experience. Because I live in Europe, I find the shipping rates to be a bit expensive and this is a bit of an issue. But nevertheless I probably will order more in the future, because I find all the products from this store to be amazing and absolutely worth trying. Many thanks to you people. You guys know how to blow my mind.

Healing and Nourishment for Body, Mind and Spirit

I like it and will be ordering it again. It really is healing and nourishment for body, mind and spirit. Thank you for making such high-quality incense available. I have never been disappointed by any purchase I have made from the Glorian store.

Wonderful scent

A very good quality frankincense with a lovely scent.

Three Mountains
Charles Wilson
A very insightful autobiography from a highly respected spiritual teacher.

As someone who has benefited greatly from applying the teachings of Samael Aun Weor in my daily life, I have a great respect and veneration for such a beautiful and enlightened soul. It is very beautiful, insightful, and interesting to read his about his personal experiences throughout multiple lifetimes and in the path of initiation. This was actually my second purchase of this book for my mom who is becoming interested in these teachings as they are a big part of my life. She wanted to know more about the life and story of Samael Aun Weor, so I had a copy of this book sent to her so she could understand more about this great and compassionate being in his own words. Hopefully she and everyone who reads this wonderful book will benefit from it as much as I have and will continue to do so. Thank you again Glorian Publishing for making such profound and life changing knowledge so readily available! May all beings be happy and free!

Excellent quality

I ordered some Asafoetida from Glorian because I couldn't find it anywhere else online. It does smell like garlic And onion but believe it or not in many cultures, the skin of those two vegetables are known to purify spaces!
I am clairvoyant and clairaudience and can immediately tell the difference after burning this incense in my home. The space is clear and it repels both lower astral entities and earthbound spirits. This is a must have for any serious person on the path. There is no other incense as power except sulfur but that isn't safe to burn indoors.

Small but lovely

Note the size of these as they are small. However, the fragrance is amazing.
Best for smaller rooms.

Pentagram Card
Marie-Chantal Brisson
Perfect quality

The pentagram is really well done, good quality printing and cardboard, vibrant colors. The shipping was fast and received everything in good condition. Thank you, very much appreciated!

Eternal Tarot
Keith Gladysz
The Tarot I've been Looking For

This deck continues to reveal itself intuitively and conceptually with the informative booklet that comes with it. The design is beautifully succinct, and the price is right. I recommend purchasing the book TAROT and KABBALAH by for an even more immersive experience.

Divine Science
Jeffrey Toussaint
The title definitely is appropriate.

This book is awesome if your on the mission of taking your spirituality to the next level. With awesome meditations to help you connect with your higher self.

Morning Star

Great to charge up the pad before meditation.

Three Mountains
Matt Poland
The Great Rebellion

So far my favorite book by Samael. It seems to read me as opposed to me reading it, which is usually indicative of divine compilations for me. Speaks beyond my mind to my being.