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🇪🇹 Ethiopia 🇪🇹

Great frankincense!

High quality, smells amazing !

Thank you ⭐️🙏

Fun 🙏

Page turner, really enjoyed reading this book.

Exercise the 😈

If you are ready to cut off your demonic tail , this book is for you.

Great !

Feeling this book, very interesting.


Frankincense 👍


Good quality. Has a citrus smell, finishes a bit smoky.

Horsetail .... belilin

This horsetail herb is 👍 A ok.... good source of natural Silica, which is good for hair, skin and nails.


High quality !

Hahm sah ⬜️

Elemental therapy to protect your health.

Emerald tablet 🟢

Nice print to have on altar.


Thank you !

Egypt 🇪🇬

Smells good ! just make sure to grind into a powder before burning.

Beautiful 😍

Thank you !

Cleanse a space.

If your looking to cleanse a space this is one of the best weapons to have in your arsenal ✨️

Woe !

Highly effective but be careful if your burning this indoors, it will choke you out and set off your smoke alarms.

Home security ✨️

Thank you !

Good 👍

Smells a bit like vanilla, but with more kick/spice.

White Copal

Never seen this before. Smells a little like camphor but stays in the air much longer and doesn't burn the eye balls.

Home security 🐉

Very good quality, thick Index paper glossy finish. Thank you !

Like this 👌

This is one of my favorites so far, really sets a mood of love and happy feelings.


So glad that I have the opportunity to learn about this inscense.

Smells good, highly effective 👌

Smells a bit like garlic and onions until burned.

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