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The most powerful and sacred tarot deck

The energy and eloquent spiritual power of this tarot deck is astounding and humbling!

Great Rebellion
mark gray
The Great Rebellion

The author spends much time berating those he disagrees with as "those wretched intellectuals" and "The ignorant paragons of wisdom" etc. Big emphasis on the evils of ego, but sometimes seems oblivious to his own. However there are gems to be found here for sure but you must wade through long grass to find them.

Heavy little book

Although I haven't began to read it, knowing the reason for ordering it is enough for a review. Samael Aun Weor and Glorian have provided and shared very important information that's necessary.

Treatise of Sexual Alchemy
Auriel Fontaine

Thank you !! The best book I ever read about sexual alchemy, I learned a lot from that book..may YEHESHUAH BLESS GLORIAN & His staff.

Grateful for this book

I find this book particularly special and I felt compelled to buy another copy recently. I have had it for years and still go back to it—particularly the Publican and the Pharisee chapter, which feels completely relevant and helpful to me given the current political and social climate.

I have also seen that in an indirect way, the people in my life benefit from the teachings in this book as well. They don’t benefit because I tell them about it or ask them to read it, but because the principles within the book just have that effect if they’re taken to heart and worked with. With all that said, I think it’s worthwhile to note that it’s not a book that is meant to be read like a newspaper or cover to cover in one sitting. I think if it’s approached in that way, the reader would truly miss out.

All in all, I feel grateful that this book has crossed my path and I don’t usually write reviews (trying to change that), but my hope is that this will help get the book into someone else’s hands that could use it. I feel grateful that it continues to be in my life.

Treatise of Sexual Alchemy
Francisco Fontanez
Great work

Many words can not describe the importance of this book.

Great Rebellion
Dr Gabi Okafor

Written for all who are searching for inner transformation, for the true meaning of life and how to experience it free of suffering.
Thank you Glorian for yet another masterpiece by the Aquarian Avatar - Master Samael Aun Weor.

Major Mysteries
Charles Wilson
Life changing knowledge

This book, as all the books of Samael Aun Weor do, contains the knowledge of the methods and the path that leads to the awakening of the consciousness and liberation from suffering, when sincerely applied. To find these teachings and have the opportunity to apply them and walk this path is the greatest gift we can be given. Thank you to Samael and everyone at Glorian for making these teachings available to humanity! May all Beings be happy and free!

Incomplete explanation

I purchased this deck because I thought it would be most enlightening in its meanings from the cards. The enclosed book that explains the meaning of the cards only covers the major arcana. This may be good for some, but generally not good for beginners. The minor arcana cards have no suits like other tarot decks. I would probably love this deck if the book on the cards had explanations for all 78 cards and not just the 22 major arcana.

The booklet does indeed explain the meanings of all 78 cards. On this page you can see a photo of the arcanum 56 and its corresponding explanation in the book. The book is also reproduced in its entirety on our website:, where you can read the explanations of all 78 arcana. If there are pages missing from your booklet, please write to us at

Secret notes of a Guru

The effort to bring these books to humanity in English is commendable. However, it’s causing great harm to those unprepared for the AZF. The VM SAW would have not allow the inner teaching of AZF to be given away until the time was right and the student properly prepared. Disclosure like this can lead others away from the teaching.

Samael Aun Weor walked the streets and sold his books door to door to the public, to people who were not students yet. He dedicated his life to putting all of his books into the hands of the public. He never restricted access to the knowledge of AZF. Only his foolish students did that. In fact, in this book that you reviewed, he wrote:

'I have finished this book of notes here in my sanctum of meditation. Millions of books had been written in the world, while on the Philosophy of Fire, a few hundred. Yesterday afternoon I was looking at “The Signs of Agni Yoga.” It hurts to read works so vague that they are not useful to anyone. “The Signs of Agni Yoga” contains the wisdom of Fire. But: what vagueness! I don’t know why those authors hide the truth about sex so much. What cruelty to this wretched suffering humanity, what lack of charity! The vagaries of the book entitled “Fiery World” are of no use to anyone. I like to speak clearly: to bread, bread; and to wine, wine. The redemption of the human being resides exclusively in the sexual act. All the power of the Grail and the igneous wings, and of the serpent, resides in the following key:

“Introduce the virile member into the woman’s yoni and remove it without spilling a single drop of the precious liquid.”

In this key of sexual magic lies the way to all powers and all initiations.

We males have Nirvana in the testicles, and the one who wants to reach the High Initiation must have a good female, and be very manly...

No more theories, no more vagueness, no more nonsense: men were made for women, and women for men. Here I speak in solid English so that everyone can understand me. I want my disciples to reach the altar of initiation with the male virile member well erected, because to reach high initiation, one needs to be very manly. The Kundalini can only be awakened by very masculine men, and very feminine women.

All the books of esotericism that have been written in the world are already outdated and no longer good for anything. I, Samael Aun Weor, the great avatar of Aquarius, have delivered to humanity the greatest message of the centuries.

If the morons want to laugh, let them laugh. That doesn’t bother me.

Now we are speaking clearly, because this is the most serious moment in the history of the world. Let the fowls of Rosicrucianism, Theosophism and Spiritism fly in terror....

May peace be with all of humanity.'

This is expressed in all of his other books, such as:

'The tenebrous ones state that sexual magic must not be taught to humanity, alleging that humanity is not yet prepared for it; thus, in this way, they close the doors of Eden to this wretched, suffering humanity.' - The Major Mysteries

'It is urgent to unveil in order to teach. It is necessary to preach the gospel of the Kingdom in all the nations of the world. To preach without unveiling is equivalent to not teaching.' - Magic of the Runes

Absolutely great book

Pretty much everything from Glorian is great. If you are drawn to this knowledge, you should purchase their books and support their mission to bring these teachings to anyone who seeks them.

Spreading the word

Changing myself is the toughest and most rewarding thing I ever took on. This book is another Swiss army knife of tools for my psychology, understanding and practices that Glorian has published that helps me to grow. Nothing mystical about it, and it is an easy to read, IF, you are serious about changing yourself and admitting or seeing flaws that need to be eliminated. I am ordering more copies of Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology for my family and friends with the hope they see the value that I see in these teachings.

Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology

Thank you

Light from Darkness
Michael Martinez
Jaw Dropping Contemplation

The concepts described by Master Samuel are absolutely awe inspiring and jaw dropping. To contemplate the grand majesty of our physical universe is enough to perplex and fascinate us… but to consider the spiritual universe as a hierarchy of living beings.. ! There are no words which capture that majesty of thought.

“The cosmic figure of the solar system of Ors is extraordinarily complex and beautiful.

The planetary pieces, transformed into multiple spirals of several tensions and diameters, resemble a shining series of divine coverings that dim the long hot and white filament of the Sun Ors. Each one magnificently radiates its own characteristic heat and brightness; this marvelous combined conjunction is like a mysterious and sublime fabric, spiderweb net, splendidly woven with the multiple, eccentric trajectories of thousands of asteroids and long-haired comets, glowing with fire breath and jingling with a subtle and incredibly harmonious music, …

Indeed, the solar system of Ors is a living cosmic creature who was born many millions years ago in the ninth sphere (sex). All human beings are similar in design and constitution—likewise happens to all the suns of the infinite space.”

Priceless wealth

Priceless wealth often comes held within such insufficient materials like the temples of flesh we will with our vast consciousness. 7 stars for the content. Painfully 4 stars for poor craftsmanship. The book cover was bending itself back before i ever turned a page and continues to worsen the book wont last unfortunately in its state but now am grateful for the content, its author and the people who made it possible for me to access this masterpiece.

In our twenty years of publishing, this has only occurred a handful of times. In fact, it has been years since we had a report like this. The experts say it is caused not by craftsmanship, but by extreme temperatures during shipping. Perhaps your package was outside on a freezing cold night? Regardless, we will replace the book: write to us at

Thank you for publishing!

First time I’ve encountered these writing so I am very thankful that they were published. 🙏 This is a diary of his time in prison. It’s very helpful to read and see how the work is lived and experienced on a day to day basis by a master. It also contains chapters on how to perform the Eucharist and also his investigation of the Gnostic Unction. It helped give me a greater comprehension of the importance of these rites to fulfill the great work. Thank you again for making this available to us all!

Revolutionary Psychology

I am about halfway through the book and I am purposely reading it slow, as I want to read it thoroughly, but so far this book has been immensely psychologically enlightening. There is a great amount of knowledge within this book and with as much as I have read, I have already began to understand so much about the inner psychology in relation to the external world. I thank you so very much for making this book available.

Thank you!

This is really well put together and worth owning if you are a serious student of alchemy. This book combines all of MSAWs alchemical writings that were given across multiple books and lectures together into one book. It also includes alchemical passages of other authors like Manly P Hall etc. The added artwork and illustrations really help bring everything together.
Thank you Glorian Publishing for putting together another great work.

Great Rebellion
Charles Wilson
Profound, life changing knowledge.

As all of the books by Samael Aun Weor do, "The Great Rebellion" contains so much of the profound knowledge given to humanity by this great teacher of gnosis. When this knowledge is applied practically in our everyday life, we can verify the truth of these teachings for ourselves, which is what is most important and profound! I had read this book twice before and now with this new and updated edition from Glorian I'm reading it for the third time. What's amazing about the books of Samael Aun Weor is that each time I re-read one of his books, new knowledge is perceived that wasn't the previous times. The teachings given to humanity by this great master have changed my life in the most beautiful and profound way through practical application! Also, this is a great book to start with for beginners, along with "Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology", as they introduce many of the basic facts and methods to start reflecting on and applying. May all Beings be happy and free! 😄

Great Rebellion
Ishmail Nassardeen
Very Thankful

Great books and lectures. The Gnostic teachings I have been studying so hard to comprehend along with practicing have changed my life. It is hard work, humbling and sometimes very painful but so worth the effort, and I see the effects in my life. I am thankful, very thankful that Glorian exists.

Treatise of Sexual Alchemy
Daniel Korcsmar

If you’re one like me, lost, but seeking the Truth, you will find answers in this book, to the right questions. It’s a challenge worth taking. Thank you so much for sharing this sacred knowledge.

This deck is a true guidance

Since I have received my deck, I began practicing the Eucharist and asking divinity for guidance. This deck speaks very clearly to me and I resonate with each card in the way I have always wanted to understand tarot. This is what I have been looking for years. I am so very grateful to finally receive light in this way.

Eternal Tarot

Secret Notes of a Guru
Robbie Phillips
Helpful reading

Moved onto this book after Tarrot and Kabbalah book. Very helpful and supported my path.

Secret Notes of a Guru
William Tolliver
Very nice

I haven't finished reading the book yet.