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Mastic Gum Resin
Philip Wallace
No other like it

Since I discovered Glorian's storefront I have placed an order every month. I love the products and of course the books are so needful in this day and age. Thank you Glorian, I am a satisfied customer!

Unique Scent

Refreshing sandalwood to clear away the repugnance of clinging aromas

Igneous Rose
Great information

Very practical especially when it comes to the practices with elementals.


Very helpful text for those looking to expand their knowledge of Kabbalah and the study of the ten Sephirot.

Athos Rose Resin

To my senses it is a Divine experience. Rich in aroma and comforting to my inner self and room I use it in. Would go e it more stars if it was possible ✨


Helped me learn and practice runes in a practical and visual way.

Thank you Glorian!

I am overjoyed that a map of the spiritual path is offered. Every day I see it I am reminded to strive towards christification along the straight path.

Practical Runes Poster
Augustus Minderle

Good, clear visual references for the runes from the books published by Glorian. This poster has been very good and helpful for getting oriented on these and to begin learning and feeling what is what with the practice of the runes, from transmutation, willpower, pineal eye, remorse, runes that conduct one into meditation on past lives, karmic negotiation, and more. I now have a much clearer reference to the books on the Nordic runes. Thank you to the instructors who produced this.

Practical runes poster

Great inspiring poster!

Divine Science
Timothy Thrice


Great Rebellion
A seeker

###Thank you###

Introduction to Gnosis
Greg Wisenburg
Good book to explore

The book is very interesting.


Love them

Barely noticed it

Make the house feels safe. Will get couple more for the vehicles as well

Runes poster

I love this new poster. Some how feels more personal

I am still awaiting the arrival of the RUNE POSTER . . can’t wait to get it U am sure it will be wonderful.

This is patendly different than the other Rose incense offered at Glorian. Love it!

It's hard for me to say which I prefer more however this resin has a complex bouquet which is a delight to welcome into your space. I'll have to say I like this one slightly better than the other rose resin for reasons that are very subjective. Thank you!

Very pleased.

A high quality incense that is worth enjoying/appreciating. I like enjoying incense from around the world as it provides the capacity to connect with the people of that land. This one is earthy, medium deep with some sweetness. Recommended!

It's the vanillins!!!

I LOVE this incense Vanilla has always been one of my favorite things in this world. However it is no doubt more complicated than that. It's a sweet, earthy, embracing aroma that one must try to know for themselves.

Sweet smelling representation of frankincense

This is nice however these are MASS produced and might not be truly reflective of what resin/plant is being represented on the box. I can only "mostly" recommend these as I'd personally much rather go to the source and/or create your own blends that you can burn via charcoal OR charcoal-less incense burner.

Whoa! Like nothing I've ever experienced.

Sweet, uplifting, highly-floral. Divine, beautiful, glorious. Highly recommend.

Sweet as with all of these incenses. Very pleasant.

I give it four stars as these incenses all come very sweet which is great however is not necessarily true to the actual resin/plant represented.

This is one of my absolute favorite frankincenses

Top of the list. Second to Green Hojari. One of the best smells in this earth plane.