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Tibetan Incense

The Tibetan Sandalwood incense create a great atmosphere for meditation thank you very much.

Asafoetida Resin
Adam Gill
Sets the Mood for Dinner

Have an imaginary restaurant in your home with Asafoetida. Spontaneous recollections and intuitive connections with your ideal out-to-eat scenario become an internal reality. Since the resin smells like garlic, there is of course a psycho-somatic (somatic-psycho?) appetizing effect, but it also cleanses the space for wholesome gatherings. Right?

If you suffer from vampiric homo-sexual incubi, it is my deductive reasoning that the garlic smell indicates particular efficacy against these astral parasites that prey on homo-sexual subconsciousness. Although that is just a theory, I really am more sexually pure and natural after burning Asafoetida and destroying unwanted dinner guests.

Yellow Book
Jason Coffey

The book is in great condition and the shipping was fast. Great service.

Highly recommended!

I use incense when I meditate and when I do tarot. I feel the energy become more aligned when I light the incense. The sandalwood incense is exquisite. Highly recommended.

Eternal Tarot
John Desilets
Eternal Thanks

3 other Tarot set were like trick cards that had the F00L and other deviations from the true Arcanum. The art and quality is very well done.

Eternal Tarot
Tarot Cards

Love those cards.
thank you

Excellent product

Great quality and safe delivery.

Poster Collection
Sinyoung Bae

I love it. But in my opinion, it’s 2021 and I feel like I bought it in 2005. These posters should be laminated. The edges came a bit wrinkled up but it’s ok. But still happy and thankful.

Tarot and Kabbalah
Tarot and Kabbalah

Many thanks. Received Tarot and Kabbalah. For those who are seeking union with divinity, I will highly, without hesitation recommended this book.

Beautiful scent

I’m very happy with the Cedarwood Incense. It came in a perfect little package and the scent is great for meditation. Would buy again.

Divine Science
Jordy Coffa

Many thanks to Glorian for sharing all information and publishing the wide area of informational tools! Much love 💗

Tarot and Kabbalah

Asafoetida Resin
Irfan Saeed

Asafoetida Resin

Excellent quality

Usual excellent quality incense from Glorian. Rapid delivery considering the distance travelled (to UK). Very pleasant and clean scent

Amazing I’m sharing with my close friend as well

I love you intuition it change my life I was lost now I found my self trust small aun weor god bless all of you and your amazing your I would like to practice ped in of your retries thank you

Secret Teachings of Moses
Solomon, Larry
Great Experience! Super fast shipping and delivery!

Wow, this book got me within a couple of days. I pay for prime on amazon and books don’t even come as fast as this one did. Plus you guys were super friendly. Thank you

Pentagram Poster
Francisco Fontanez
On a wall

I have it in between a tree of life and astrology poster. It's informative and every time I walk pass it i read a part.

HEM Camphor Incense Sticks
Robbie Phillips
Pleasing and mild

Enjoy the variety of incense from the store!

Excellent Book

All those who want to receive the Major Initiation must know and read this book. So helpful. Thank you Glorian Store for your work, It’s appreciated!!!

Aquarian Message
Francisco Fontanez
I've said it before and I'll say it again

The author's and books Glorian provides are so important to so many that one can not simply express this in words. All i can say is I feel like a kid in a toy store. I want them all.

Bay Laurel Leaves
Adam Gill
A Natural Remedy to People & Society

Be inspired to return to Nature. I just had a pretty social and infectious week in the city becoming despotic, hateful, and heavy. However, I just cleansed myself with Bay Laurel leaves and am not feeling so bad any more.

They are great to burn on a coal, even just one, in order to get prepared and cleansed for more serious incense and practice. Sort of a preliminary incense. This is not to say that the Laurel Bay leaves are not serious, but they are leaves. Who can not be jovial around a leaf?

When I was about 12-14 years old, I would pluck leaves from the neighbors' bushes yards that I was rebelliously walking through and rub the leaves in between my thumb and fingers, while also tearing them apart along the way. It was a twisted mix of the desire to be with my Mother Nature and matricide.

Laurel Bay leaves satisfy both the need for elementotherapy catharsis (the cleansing work with the elemental) and "crimes against (black) nature" (destroying the leaf). Like Dontrell Kiser says in the review below, "They burn very quickly because they are leaves. But there is a lot in the pouch." In this case, we can use the example that the crime against black nature would be temperance. We can be temperate by respectfully burning every part of the leaf, and seeing just how quickly they burn can make us appreciate the short time that we have.

I have not prognosticated yet, but look forward to sharing my experience with you. ❤️

Magic of the Runes
Robbie Phillips
Another great book

Purchased this after reading Igneous Rose. Will be reading and learning from its pages for a long time. Great material .

Cardamom Essential Oil
Gwendolyn L. Johnson
Cardamom Delight

I have not actually used it yet. The fragrance is quiet beautiful…awakening to my senses.😇

Tree of Life Poster

Excellent poster and safe delivery. Thank you for the learning aids, much appreciated.

Great Read

Great Read! This is a truly inspirational book that guides one to the source of wisdom and power. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to radically transform their life.