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Dream Yoga
Useful Tool

Enjoying reading about the tools to access consciousness - specifically our Astral bodies/world. Would recommend this book as a must for beginners and beyond as learners of Gnosis!

Lovely fragrance

Smells great!

Great title

We are still confused that the first number on the list of attributes of a Medic is "do not consume meat" when we know that the 5 Tattvas is a balanced of grass feed red meat, wild seafood, grains, and fruits and veggies and of course the ether of sublimation. The book in question and the companion Igneous Rose is having our own natural medicine manual.

In the Glorian edition of the book, that line has a note attached: 'Samael Aun Weor later revised this statement when he discovered that the initiate needs to consume the Tattva Tejas, which is abundant in red meat.'

Eliminate Frankenstein with frankincense..

This tree sap from the Boswellia tree is one of the sweetest nectars of the Gods. It’s psychoactive properties provide a sense of clarity that’ll put that inner Frankenstein in his rightful place.

Gorgeous posters

Each poster I’ve purchased has come very lovingly packaged. The posters Glorian offers are affordable and I highly value them as a study aid. They’re a lovely reference to the divine beauty.

Sublime scent of Temple Incense

The Song of India Temple Incense is truly a refreshing, joyful and heavenly scent and the aroma fills my home with loving inspiration. Thank you for quickly sending my order so carefully packaged!

The serpent

Most interesting read. The serpent of Eden , the serpent of Moses in the desert and of the Aztecs. Master Weor shows the dualistic and practical meaning and the vital role in our lives.

Good strength

Rich aroma! Happy with the Sweet Myrrh

intense from the gnostic store

Yet, I have not received it. I will check at the Seychelles post office and I will let you know.

Quality item

Good product sealed in nice well marked pouch. Found the amount of incense perfect for my needs.

Pleasant fragrance

Cleanses the atmosphere!

Thank you

Not revive my order I’m still waiting

It's great!

Hard to find the real stuff this is good.

Truth about life

Great book, Master Samael offers the truth about our past, origins , present and future, a great read, enjoyed it immensely.


A beautiful reproduction! Thank you!


The book breaks down the fundamental problems of modern education as well as the solutions on how to fix it. The author emphasizes how we should think, rather than teaching what to think, and to question, analyze, and discover the truth through our own experience. The book also reviews the need to awaken consciousness and develop a higher state of being.

Revolution of the Dialectic

What Ultra-Violet Smells Like, I Assume

This incense feels soft, bright, and candescent. It is of course related to Samael, but it shows why that force is strong, out of love.

My Mom has a smell sensitivity and dislikes most incense. Even she says that this incense smells good, which is interesting because she says that the Egyptian Myrrh is the worst smelling. Her face enlivened and grew happy at smelling HEM Myrrh!


My order coming on time and I really satisfied with my order

Divine A’scent’

Received my order from Glorian with impeccable timing. The Palo santo burns with a fragrance of divinity. The astral larvae didn’t stand a chance!!

Great item

Quality item and well packaged. Able to crush incense resin down to powder very easily. Placed over the hot coal with no problem and enjoyed the scent. Long lasting!


Waiting for the deck to travel across the sphere took some time, perfect time to study the book on Tarot by Samael and feel a spiritual question inside.

My first session accomplished yesterday. Lots of insight and answers to comprehend.

I love the cards, the case and the wisdom given by the angel.


A Quick Pick-Me-Up!

This is such a great essential oil for people who need a quick picker-upper. It is very easy to use and feels like a tree is massaging the place in which the oil is being applied. I have found that it is necessary to rub the oil into the skin.

It really helps my spine, feet, and psyche. If you have someone rub the oil into you, such as onto the spine, make sure that you trust and want to receive their vibrations.

It is easy to get carried away with this little roll on.

Like the above description says, this oil is sought after for a reason and has curative waves related to the mind. It can help with feelings of loneliness a lot! I was having so much trouble writing this review, and then I applied the oil. No problem writing it now because the feeling of loneliness is gone and replaced with the jollity of a Sun.



This incense is delightful. It works really well in small rooms, offices or spaces, because it doesn’t necessarily produce smoke. This incense presents a gentle essence, rather than a harsh smoke.