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    Based on 1975 reviews
    Gnostic Prayer Book
    Volker Kühn
    Top Quality

    Haven't tried it in the field yet but the print is high quality and and it is easy to take anywhere you need it since it has a handy size.

    High quality in every regard

    The sticker wonderfully printed and magic in its appearance. Absolutely worth it.

    Helpful reading

    Was finally ready for this book and have enjoyed every word. Each chapter/section is only 2-3 pages and very easy to reflect on after reading each day.

    Tibetan Juniper Incense
    Robbie Phillips
    Enjoying it

    Earthy tone to it and very mild. Worth a try!

    Great quality

    Very happy with the sticker. Sharing a note: if looking for a frame, use key words like “4x4 frame” even though it’s circular. Many to choose from out there online!

    Prayerfully instructive in the deeper import in the art of breathing and movement

    Major Mysteries
    john brucchi

    Major Mysteries

    What I was looking for

    Pleased with product

    Thank you for producing the quality poster graphics. The image really spoke deeply to my soul.

    Beautiful design definitely planning on framing this and adding it to my altar!

    Palo Santo Incense

    Quality of the incense is good. Burns slowly and is not overpowering!

    Dayspring of Youth

    The book is enlightening.

    Igneous Rose
    Diana Maldonado

    Igneous Rose

    Kundalini: The Sacred Fire of All Religions

    So far I'm enjoying the book. I enjoy how it takes the time to explain some core concepts in the prologue.

    A journey through the words

    I have found in reading this book that the experience is much more synced when I am clear minded and aware as I read. It is a journey as I relax and tune into the scripture. Its been amazing to receive insights of my Inner World by reading passages that, to some, would be hard to make sense of. The author blesses us with a message of the heart that, when it reaches you, creates the understanding of the Igneous Rose. It is still something I am coming to know, but as the pages turn and I am settled in, there is inspiration and a connection. What a gift... Thank You

    Pine Incense

    I really enjoy the quality and convenience of these Morning Star Incense.


    The pentagrams are lovely and subtle when stuck to my windows. They are elegant and come in very durable quality material. And the pentagram cards are so beautiful with the gold ink and once again very elegant drawing. For Christmas next year I plan on sending them as farmable cards. Thank you.

    Practical & Magic

    I have purchased several of his books and some I'm reading 2nd or 3rd time and some I put aside for later when my consciousness will hopefully perceive more. Master Samael has different styles of presenting information in his books some very simplistic and filled hidden wisdom and some quite complicated with complicated elevated language. This book is somewhere in the middle... a miracle for me as it answered some questions, I had for a few years now. I feel his books are energetic this is one of those helpful books for those interested in actually practicing the alchemical transformation. This is my first contact with Aztec Esoterics and it is quite a magical and intense experience.

    Stickers !

    Love the design , could not be more pleased with this sticker. Thank you Glorian !

    May Loving Kindness Abound All

    Kundalini the Sacred Fire of All Religions as a precious Jewel of sacred knowledge that sits at the top of my greatest Book Discoveries and recommendations I have recently read for those with ears to hear an open mind I recommend to this absolutelly phenomenal book

    Pentagram stickers

    I am happy with it

    Daily Prayer Book
    Raul Lewis

    Thanks this book as it is, Big helper, place next to you, old fashion way!

    This incense great aroma one of my favorite

    Protective Pentagram Card

    Frankincense Resin Incense from Somalia