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  • Black Sage (Mugwort) Smudge Stick

    Like all sage varieties, Black Sage or Mugwort is a form of artemisia, whose name comes from the Greek goddess Artemis (Diana). These plants are traditionally used for cleansing ourselves and our spaces (home, work) of astral parasites and negative energies. 

    We prefer mugwort over white sage because mugwort grows easily abundantly; white sage is being over-harvested by unethical suppliers (they often steal it from restricted sacred lands).

    The most common way to use mugwort is in this form: dried and bundled sage is ignited on the end, then the flames are blown out, allowing the tips to smolder and release plumes of smoke. The smoke is then distributed over the area to be cleaned, in accompaniment with prayer. You can then dip the hot end in water, saving it for later use. In this way, a bundle will last a long time.

    • Wild-crafted, hand tied
    • Naturally repels negative influences

    "In their operations of elemental magic, ancient magicians used smudging with laurel branches, mugwort (artemisia), rue, sage, pine, rosemary, etc. Such plants were burned on burning coals. This observance is magnificent. The air is filled with the smoke of plants, the exorcised fire will reflect the will of the operator, and the subtle forces of nature will listen and respond to him." - Samael Aun Weor, Secret Doctrine of Anahuac

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews

    It’s great. Strong smell and it burn well and long.

    Reviewer avatar
    Adam Gill
    It’s an Honor

    This easy to use, potent, and personable cleansing method brings a natural atmosphere. It purifies the body from negativity and creates a link in nature, both within and without. I enjoy looking at it and sometimes even talking to it to build an intimate relationship, considering that it gives its life so that we can live well.

    Connie Miller
    Helps to Remember Our Dreams

    When we burn the mugwort durring our prayers before bed, it cleans the room and has helped us to remember our dreams so we can write them down.

    Charlie Wilson
    Great cleansing smudge stick!

    I use incense daily but was still receiving messages from within that I was being bothered by astral larvae and parasites. Around this same time, I was reminded when listening to a lecture that smudge sticks such as sage (or black sage) are great for cleaning the body and home of astral larvae. After using this smudge stick daily for some time, I can definitely tell the difference! The psychological atmosphere is cleaner and I don't feel my energy is as drained as before. Thank you Glorian for providing such wonderful and high quality products at an affordable price. I will definitely be purchasing these smudge sticks again! May all Beings be happy! 🙏

    Really good

    The smell ist nice and the room is cleaned and feels more peaceful, I recommend it.