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Jasmine Resin Incense: Imperial Grade

Resin incense with the fragrance of jasmine flowers. Made from the costly pure essence of jasmine blossoms, this is the finest jasmine incense available.

Includes one (1) ounce of resin incense.

Directions: Ignite a piece of charcoal and then place a couple of pieces onto it and enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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Claire E.
Jasmine Resin Imperial

Firstly, absolutely high quality product from Glorian. High standards in every aspect here. This resin is Beautiful. The pieces are small enough in size so they're easy to use and burn on the charcoal. Can be pulled apart by hand revealing a soft centred texture that's sticky in appearance. When lit it melts easliy and immediately fills the air with a delicious aroma. This resin is a most Divine scent. To describe it I say it resembles the scent of talc powder. A deep floral aroma that isn't overpowering, soft scent that when inhaled it doesn't cut your throat. A smell that's so moreish. Like fresh flowers with talc powder and a hint of musk. Highly recommend it. Not just for the aroma but also for its' Divine properties. Absolutely beautiful. Definitely one to have. Especially this high quality. Thank you Glorian. ☆ 💖 ☆

Excellent Quality Incense

The fragrance of Jasmine from this resin incense is superb. Excellent quality incense and I’ve found that a little goes a long way! I actually break up the chunks into smaller pieces and found this to be a great way to enjoy its fragrance. I will continue to order this product from Glorian because I trust the way they source their incense.

John Desilets
Jasmine Imperial

The may be my favorite the fragrance lasts a long time and is very appealing.