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Just as there are parasites in the physical world that feed on impurities, there are also parasites in the subtle levels of nature, but you cannot see them with your physical eyes. These astral parasites are common where people think negatively, indulge in impure fantasy, or otherwise use their energies poorly. They are common in dirty places of any kind, such as where anyone fornicates, or garbage bins, dirty homes, movie theaters, bars, gyms and yoga studios (where lust is rampant), etc.

For instance, those who indulge in sexual fantasy and masturbation attract hordes of astral parasites to their environment, and also create very powerful parasites called incubi and succubi. Even if you have abandoned these activities, you still encounter people who have not.

Since negative emotions like lust, anger, and envy are common in modern society, these parasites are abundant and impossible to avoid. When we go about our daily lives, we inevitably encounter these parasites, and they can become attached to us without our awareness.

Astral parasites drain us of energy, stimulate negative elements in our psyche, and induce us to harmful thoughts, fantasies, and actions.

For those who want to become liberated from suffering, it is essential that we eliminate these parasites from our atmosphere on a regular basis.

"Each vice has its own larvae that are attached to the astral body. Thus, the total healing of those vices is achieved only by the disintegration of those larvae by means of certain perfumes... We must have our homes clean in the physical world as well as in the astral. Garbage deposits are always filled with infected larvae. There are odoriferous substances that burn the larvae or throw them out of our house." - Samael Aun Weor, Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic

This is why we learn to use incense every day. There are many varieties of incense that destroy astral parasites, and we must be constantly cleaning ourselves and our homes in order to preserve ourselves on the path.

When we move into a new home or own a business, we must also cleanse that place of the parasites left behind by the previous residents. For cleaning a new home or purging a place that is overrun with parasites, one should burn a powerful incense like sulfur or sage every day for nine days.

The most powerful incense to destroy astral parasites is sulfur, which is sprinkled on a hot incense charcoal: the fumes destroy any parasites in the area. Sulfur is cheap and easy to use, but the smoke is very toxic: do not breathe it. As soon as the sulfur is burning one must immediately leave the room for a few hours until the smoke dissipates. Sulfur can also be sprinkled in your shoes: the non-toxic fumes will dissolve parasites around you.

Some of us do not like to use sulfur, and rely instead on natural, non-toxic cleansers like:

To make this easier for you, we have assembled a variety of affordable and high-quality incense on your behalf, which you can get from the non-profit Gnostic Store. You can browse the cleansing incense here:

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