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Shukpa Handcrafted Tibetan Juniper Incense

Exclusive to Glorian.

A friend of ours was in India and met Tibetan refugees making fresh, all natural handcrafted batches of Tibetan incense. He picked their best one, and brought it for us to enjoy. Since it is very fresh, it has a very potent and heart-warming scent, and is easily among the best incense we have encountered.

The primary ingredient is leaves and berries of Juniper, a fragrant tree with an ancient tradition in ritual, medicine, and cleansing. Junipers live for thousands of years, and are treated as very sacred by Tibetans. Junipers are often found close to Tibetan temples, and are known to be protectors of sacred places. Samael Aun Weor wrote about juniper in Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic and Igneous Rose, emphasizing its importance in the Gnostic tradition.

Other ingredients include flowers, cardamon, cinnamon, camphor, sandalwood and other natural herbs and spices. All of this together creates an aroma that is hard to define but unmistakably natural, emotional, and nourishing.

Please be aware that since it is made from natural ingredients like flowers and leaves, freshness is important. You should use it while it is fresh, before the potency and scent diminish.

We only have a few boxes of this special incense, and we may not be able to get more.

Includes 50 incense sticks. Tibetan incense has no bamboo core. You will need an incense burner or place it upright in a bowl of rice, sand, or stones, or lying across ash.

We have wrapped it in recycled paper and packaged it in a reusable paper tube.

    Handmade in India by Tibetan refugees from all natural ingredients.

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    Wonderful Experience

    I decided to add some incense to my order from this gnostic store, because I was certain that the quality of the incense I would order here, would be the very best. The package arrived very quickly, and upon receiving the order I didn't waste any time to give it a try. And although I am only a beginner in the field of incense, I am very impressed by the quality. I noticed all the incense (from my order) from the gnostic store is helping me to get to an altered state, and it works beautifully when doing some work which requires a little introspection. It makes doing the work a wonderful experience. Because I live in Europe, I find the shipping rates to be a bit expensive and this is a bit of an issue. But nevertheless I probably will order more in the future, because I find all the products from this store to be amazing and absolutely worth trying. Many thanks to you people. You guys know how to blow my mind.