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Pentagram Sticker [Blue]

Pentagram stickers are useful for protection from negative energies, and can be placed on doors, windows, notebooks, in your car, etc.

The adhesive is on the back. It is not transparent.


  • Size: 4" x 4"
  • Lamination/Coating: Gloss Laminate
  • Material: White Premium Paper

The Pentagram represents the perfect human being, a Christ. 

Learn how to use the pentagram.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Marie-Chantal Brisson
Nice and handy

Good quality

Pentagram Sticker

I purchased 2 Pentagram stickers and placed one at the entrance of my home (with the top point facing inside and the 2 lower points pointing towards the outside). It is a real "war", and you need a lot of help. Soon I noticed that certain thoughts and emotional states were not so pervasive. I am so thankful for all of the information and teachings on this site!

Aryan D

I wanna say that I love my new pentagrams. However the packings it came in warped the structural integrity of them. Still I am grateful for them and to glorian.

Charles Wilson
A Beautiful, Powerful Symbol of Protection and White Magic.

These Pentagram stickers from the Gnostic Store are a wonderful addition to my bedroom. I have noticed a difference in the energy of my bedroom after placing them on the wall above my bed and meditation chair, as well as one on the floor in front of the door to my room. Not only are they great for spiritual protection and White Magic, each sticker is also filled with beautiful and holy symbols that are very deep in meaning. Ultimately, I am very happy with my purchase!

Diana o
Love it

I love the colors and protection. I have it in my room.

Diana O