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Stages of Concentration in Meditation Poster


For thousands of years, Tibetan Buddhist meditators have used this painting to guide them through the nine essential stages of meditation concentration (shamatha), in order to acquire true comprehension through a state of insight (vipashyana). Reproductions of this image can be found in temples, monasteries, and teaching centers all over the world. Based on instructions originally given by Buddha Maitreya, this painting faithfully represents the essential steps towards establishing a truly effective practice of meditation.

  • NEW: now also available in a larger size (20x30 inches)
  • Both sizes are easy to frame
  • Printed on high-quality glossy paper
  • Based on thousands of years of meditation practice in one of the world's most effective spiritual traditions
  • Easy to understand and apply in one's own practice

You can learn more about the painting here:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Posters are shipped separately — in a tube — from the rest of your order and usually take longer than boxes or envelopes to arrive. Please be patient.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Michael Filipowich
Gnostic surprise

Just a note
I do most shopping online
In the last mailer Glorian sent out they were advertising stages of meditation
A man in various scenes with an elephant
I wanted to order it
But after trying a couple of times
I kept getting a note that shipping was unavailable to California
I emailed them…a back and forth ensued that made me question the irony of a man and his elephant…the story of the blind dudes who are each grasping a piece of an elephant mistaking it for other objects…but finally they took me seriously as it turns out there was a glitch…to make a short story long…they sent me some extra stuff unsolicited…solid…in an age of cash grabs in a over commercialized spiritual marketplace it turns out these dudes are not just grasping an elephant phallus…not that elephant phalluses are bad…but hopefully the blind have their vision restored…meditation Ganesh style

Juan Nieto
I have not received yet

I have not received yet

Justin Kline
Heavy wear alone the edges of the poster

I would need a frame to hide the damage along the edge of the poster. The seller is not responding to my comments.

Jose Miqui
Great reminder to control the mind and emotion centers within me

I use the concentration in meditation poster to reminder to control the mind and emotions centers during and after meditation practice.

Mary Stagnaro

I love this poster, it is hanging in an area that I pass continually. For some reason the word delicate always comes to mind when I see it. I study it and wonder where I am on that path of the elephant. Him and the monkey at the beginning reminds me of myself, constantly running no where. My 3 year old grandson stops and talks to it, but I can not make out what he is saying.