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  • Light from Darkness (2012 Edition)

    A Book by Samael Aun Weor

    The Practical Science of Spiritual Awakening

    "Darkness is unconsciousness; light is consciousness. We must allow light to penetrate our own darkness; obviously light has the power to defeat darkness..."

    Everything in existence functions because of laws of nature. Knowledge of those laws is what allows us to accomplish anything in life. Our spiritual and religious life is no different.

    Spiritual awakening is managed by laws in nature. On every level of existence, there are basic facts that manage creation, development, decay, and death. Our consciousness or soul is no exception to these facts, and by knowing about them, we can achieve our complete development as a human being. Samael Aun Weor explains the fundamental laws and energies that we need to consciously harness in order to reach our full potential. These are the same energies that fuel the creation of any organism, from the smallest atom to the most expansive universe. The human being is called to be a radiant king or queen of nature, but to arrive at that level, one must know how.

    • Useful for followers of any spiritual tradition
    • Gives practical methods to change our lives today
    • Supported by solid science and authentic spiritual traditions

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Rosanna Ramos
    Good book for beginners

    Really nice, laid out question and answer format for people who have a lot of questions that they want answered. Talks about the spirit world and what happens when you die and other related topics. I can see a lot of Christians wanting to read this book.

    Michael Martinez
    Jaw Dropping Contemplation

    The concepts described by Master Samuel are absolutely awe inspiring and jaw dropping. To contemplate the grand majesty of our physical universe is enough to perplex and fascinate us… but to consider the spiritual universe as a hierarchy of living beings.. ! There are no words which capture that majesty of thought.

    “The cosmic figure of the solar system of Ors is extraordinarily complex and beautiful.

    The planetary pieces, transformed into multiple spirals of several tensions and diameters, resemble a shining series of divine coverings that dim the long hot and white filament of the Sun Ors. Each one magnificently radiates its own characteristic heat and brightness; this marvelous combined conjunction is like a mysterious and sublime fabric, spiderweb net, splendidly woven with the multiple, eccentric trajectories of thousands of asteroids and long-haired comets, glowing with fire breath and jingling with a subtle and incredibly harmonious music, …

    Indeed, the solar system of Ors is a living cosmic creature who was born many millions years ago in the ninth sphere (sex). All human beings are similar in design and constitution—likewise happens to all the suns of the infinite space.”

    Amy Nicholas
    Light from darkness

    Beautiful and helpful book!

    Christopher Garrett
    Light from Darkness

    Very satisfied. Very informative. I will continue to buy books and support in any way I possibly can...

    La Quinta Blackketter

    Light from Darkness