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Kyara Kongo Aloeswood Japanese Incense

Traditional Japanese style incense.

This scent is aloeswood, one of the rarest and most expensive scented woods, and chief among those used in Japanese incense. This is the scent most often associated with Japanese temples: it is woodsy, mystical, a bit sweet, but delicate and comforting. The scent lingers for a long time.

Kyara is regarded as the highest quality of aloeswood. This is not a "bargain" or "budget" incense, but a quality one.

Aloeswood is the scent of the sign of Sagittarius. When Sagittarius people are sick, to be healed quickly they must smell aloeswood on a daily basis.

Contains approximately 24 sticks of incense and a mini incense holder. 

  • The rich and deep fragrance of traditional Aloeswood 
  • No bamboo core, clean burning, pure scent
  • Beautiful package, perfect for a small gift
  • Less smoke when burning

Key Note: Aloeswood

Burn Time: Approx. 13 min.

Dimensions:1 3 1/16 1 inches / 25 X 78 X 25 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Really Good

Thought this incense was good, and the lingering smell was good, but not one of my favorites.

Charles Wilson
Most enjoyable Aloeswood Incense

As my Natal Sun and Moon sign is Sagittarius, I'm naturally attracted to the scent of Aloeswood. This is a high quality and beautifully scented incense. I highly recommend and will be purchasing again.

Catherine Rodriguez

love it!

Heidi Otten
Love it

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