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  • Hana-no-hana Floral Japanese Incense Boxed Set

    In the Meiji era, a master of incense-making, Yujiro Kito, originated Japan’s first perfumed incense, “Hana-no-Hana,” a fusion of Western perfumery and Eastern incense-making. For more than a hundred years, Nippon Kodo has continued to make this beloved floral incense. 

    Made from high quality sandalwood, Hana-no-hana comes in three fragrances:

    • Rose
    • Lily
    • Violet

    These boxed sets allow you to sample the fragrances or to give as a gift. 

    • Premium Wooden Box: includes 30 sticks of incense (10 short sticks of each fragrance), a ceramic incense stand, and a lovely reusable wooden box. 
    • Plastic Box: includes 30 sticks of incense (10 short sticks of each fragrance), a ceramic incense stand, and a durable, reusable box. 

    The boxed sets can be refilled later by purchasing the fragrances individually (note that these boxes are sized to fit short incense sticks).

    Each fragrance has a clean, pure aroma, yet with very little smoke. Even after the incense is burned, the scent remains in the atmosphere for quite a long time.

      Burn Time: Approx. 10 min.


      • Incense sticks: W x H x D (inch): 2 13/16 x 3 3/4 x 3/4; (mm): 72 x 95 x 19
      • Boxes:  2.9 x 3.7 inches

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Vincent Jorgensen

      Sorry, haven’t used it yet

      Charlie Wilson
      Beautiful wedding gift

      I got this beautiful box of incense as part of a wedding gift for some friends of mine. I haven't heard from them about it yet, but I'm sure they will enjoy and appreciate it. I have purchased these hana-no hana floral incense in their separate form for myself and my mom, so I know the wonderful scent and quality of these incense. I highly recommend!

      Okay Product

      I couldn't tell a difference in the fragrances. The scent seemed kind of cakey and artificial.

      Negeen Farmand
      Very nice scent

      Pretty box and nice smelling incense. Thank you..

      Amy Nicholas
      Floral Japanese Incense

      Sweet and fresh sents!