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Eternal Tarot Deck and Book Set

Get Answers from the Divinity Within You

Thousands of years ago, the angel Metatron gave to humanity the Tarot and the Hebrew letters, a precious set of knowledge containing the keys to liberation from suffering. Unfortunately, some cunning people stole and modified a portion of the protected teachings, and over the centuries that stolen knowledge passed through Egypt, Arabia, and finally into Europe, eventually becoming what we popularly refer to as the Tarot. Over the centuries, it degenerated. It was re-arranged, misinterpreted, misused... Being so far removed from their source, very few contemporary Tarot decks accurately reflect the teachings of Metatron. During the twentieth century, Samael Aun Weor wrote volumes of books correcting the Tarot and showing how it is a form of Kabbalah. For decades, millions of readers have awaited an authoritative Tarot deck based Kabbalah, Hebrew, and the knowledge Samael Aun Weor provided. “The Eternal Tarot” is a 78 card Tarot deck and book set that restores the Tarot to its original structure and importance as an integral part of meditation and Kabbalah.

"An imprisoned person with no other book than the Tarot, if he knew how to use it, could in a few years acquire universal knowledge, and would be able to speak on all subjects with unequaled learning and inexhaustible eloquence." – Eliphas Levi

The Tarot represents the fundamental laws of nature, thus the Tarot can be used to understand anything: science, religion, nature... but the most important use is to understand ourselves.

Anyone can use the Tarot to understand the forces at work in their lives, and get guidance regarding what they must do.

  • Includes 78 cards and book
  • Corresponds to the Tarot originally given to Moses
  • Includes the complete 56 Minor Arcana

"...every erudite occultist, all esotericists, must always call on the “standard of measures,” the Tarot, if they do not want to fall into the absurd." - Samael Aun Weor, The Mystery of the Golden Flower

The included book gives a short overview of the Tarot and how to use it, followed by brief explanations of all 78 Tarot cards. A full, detailed explanation of the Tarot is found in the comprehensive book Tarot and Kabbalah by Samael Aun Weor.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Meraw
Absolutly remarkable

This tarot deck is set aside from any other I have come across, it holds so much In each card the possibilities are limitless to what you may find within. The real tarot is explained and the true way to use it and master it. A must have for any serious practitioner

Theresa Workman
in-depth descriptions

There's so much to learn about each individual card, it's almost overwhelming. Especially for a beginner. Which was just lovely because I enjoy the challenge of this newfound knowledge I'm gaining. The cards alone without any books as guidance is interesting to compare my own comprehension and intuitive gathering to what is being read in the books about each individual card. It's very fascinating.

Marc Van de Leest
Eternal Tarot Deck and Book Set

Today, the 5th of April, I have not yet received the order!
Tracking still says: "in transit". I am a bit worried!

Your tracking information says, 'Your item is being processed by customs in BELGIUM at 9:33 am on March 29, 2022.' If you have questions, you should contact your postal carrier. We hope you will update your review to be about your tarot deck rather than about international shipping.

Debra Hotmer
Eternal Tarot Deck & Book: Alcheny and Kabbalah in the Tarot

I'm new to the Kabbalah & just learning the relationship between Tarot and Kabbalah. Excited to learn more about these fascinating practices and their complementary relationship

Doug Dederich
Incomplete explanation

I purchased this deck because I thought it would be most enlightening in its meanings from the cards. The enclosed book that explains the meaning of the cards only covers the major arcana. This may be good for some, but generally not good for beginners. The minor arcana cards have no suits like other tarot decks. I would probably love this deck if the book on the cards had explanations for all 78 cards and not just the 22 major arcana.

The booklet does indeed explain the meanings of all 78 cards. On this page you can see a photo of the arcanum 56 and its corresponding explanation in the book. The book is also reproduced in its entirety on our website:, where you can read the explanations of all 78 arcana. If there are pages missing from your booklet, please write to us at