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Bay Laurel Leaves

Laurel leaves (Laurus nobilis) from Greece are also known as True Laurel, Sweet Bay, Laurel Tree, Grecian Laurel, Laurel, or Bay Tree. 

Bay laurel is a plant related to the Sun.


Includes half of an (.05) ounce of organic whole and crushed bay laurel leaves (mixed), packaged in a reusable, food-grade pouch made from natural Japanese kraft paper with a resealable airtight zip lock closure.


"In their operations of elemental magic, ancient magicians used smudging with laurel branches, mugwort (artemisia), rue, sage, pine, rosemary, etc. Such plants were burned on burning coals." - Samael Aun Weor, Secret Doctrine of Anahuac

"We must chew laurel leaves while we are submerged in profound meditation for long hours. This is how we can see the things that will occur in the future. Unquestionably, it is known that dried laurel has the magical virtue of prognosticating for whoever is questioning it whether something that is waited for will be prosperous or unpleasant. If one laurel branch tossed on to flames is burned without producing the least bit of noise, then the outcome will be terrible. On the contrary, if the branch of dried laurel is burned with great noise, intensely crackling and sparking, then it is announcing a total success."  - Samael Aun Weor, Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic

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Adam Gill
A Natural Remedy to People & Society

Be inspired to return to Nature. I just had a pretty social and infectious week in the city becoming despotic, hateful, and heavy. However, I just cleansed myself with Bay Laurel leaves and am not feeling so bad any more.

They are great to burn on a coal, even just one, in order to get prepared and cleansed for more serious incense and practice. Sort of a preliminary incense. This is not to say that the Laurel Bay leaves are not serious, but they are leaves. Who can not be jovial around a leaf?

When I was about 12-14 years old, I would pluck leaves from the neighbors' bushes yards that I was rebelliously walking through and rub the leaves in between my thumb and fingers, while also tearing them apart along the way. It was a twisted mix of the desire to be with my Mother Nature and matricide.

Laurel Bay leaves satisfy both the need for elementotherapy catharsis (the cleansing work with the elemental) and "crimes against (black) nature" (destroying the leaf). Like Dontrell Kiser says in the review below, "They burn very quickly because they are leaves. But there is a lot in the pouch." In this case, we can use the example that the crime against black nature would be temperance. We can be temperate by respectfully burning every part of the leaf, and seeing just how quickly they burn can make us appreciate the short time that we have.

I have not prognosticated yet, but look forward to sharing my experience with you. ❤️

Nice Complementary Incense

They smell good for leaves. I could definitely tell a difference in the room when I burned it.They burn very quickly because they are leaves. But there is a lot in the pouch. Definitely worth a try considering the price.

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