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Mainichi Byakudan Premium Sandalwood Japanese Incense

Traditional Japanese style incense.

One of the main types of scented wood is sandalwood, which is known for its sweet and rich scents. It is believed to bring calmness into peoples’ minds. Mainichi Byakudan (Everyday Sandalwood) is made mostly of high quality Indian sandalwood and herbal medicines, which deliver a full-bodied fragrance. This is not a "bargain" or "budget" incense, but a quality one.

The fragrance of sandalwood is renowned for its effects on meditation and prayer. 

Sandalwood is a perfume of Mars and Virgo.

  • The rich and deep fragrance of traditional sandalwood
  • No bamboo core, clean burning, pure scent
  • Beautiful package, perfect for a small gift
  • Less smoke when burning

Key Note: Aloeswood

Burn Time: Approx. 13 min.

Dimensions: 1 3 1/16 1 inches / 25 X 78 X 25 mm

Available in two styles:

  • Approximately 24 sticks of incense and a mini incense holder. 
  • 60 sticks. A nice choice for starters and/or as a gift. It comes with a Paulownia wood box, and a ceramic incense stand.

Customer Reviews

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Small but lovely

Note the size of these as they are small. However, the fragrance is amazing.
Best for smaller rooms.

David Marion

Mainichi Byakudan Sandalwood Japanese Incense