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Elemense Tetsukon Japanese Incense

Elemense (element + sense) is a special brand from Nippon Kodo, the 440 year old Japanese incense maker, highlighting centuries of craftsmanship and knowledge. Elemense is based on the teachings from the "Five Elements Theory" of Chinese philosophy and the "Ten Virtues of Koh (incense)." The "Five Elements Theory" states that everything is made from five basic elements: wood (moku), fire (ka), earth (do), metal (kon), and water (sui). Elemense incense is designed to incite all five senses.

Each Elemense incense is exquisitely designed and crafted. Every detail has been thoughtfully prepared.

Each incense is a blend of natural aromatic materials. 

Tetsukon is made from agarwood (aloeswood), bergamot, lavender, and violet. Tetsukon is based on the element water (sui), which is said to awaken the sense of determination as tough as iron and kindles clarity as pristine as spring water.

Contains 40 sticks of incense and a mini incense holder. 

  • No bamboo core, clean burning, pure scent
  • Beautiful package, perfect for a gift

Burn Time: Approx. 30 min.

Directions for Use

Take a moment to light the incense. Let the fragrance quietly infuse the air. Watch the ash fall and surrender to the passing of time. Take delight in the moment as the fragrance slowly envelops you. It will leave an imprint in your memory. Dial in all five senses to the invisible fragrance. Allow your senses to be drawn into the transcendent world of incense, and witness how the fragrance takes on a visible form.

Customer Reviews

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Adam Gill
Practical Water Incense

This incense has a beautiful and encompassing aroma and comforts the psyche. The elemental sensory exercise provided dissipates habitual negativity and naturally calms the mind even without doing the practice, all of which shows the special work put into the incense. It is like taking a psychological shower in a jungle smoothie of bright blue mist, if you will. Thank you Glorian Shop!

One of my favorites

The elemense incense are so good and tetsukon is no exception. Read the directions for use, I got so much more out of the incense by following it.

Paul Movsessian
Elemense Incense Power

The Elemense Tetsukon Japanese Incense lives up to its promise. A very clean smoke that permeates the subtle fragrance of the plants used to make it. It comes in a wonderful wooden box that you can continue to use after finishing the incense. It also comes with a small incense holding block stand. The amount of incense sticks are very generous and they burn a good amount of time to have a lasting effect. This particular element is for the Kidney/Water phase. I highly recommend this incense for anyone wanting to strengthen their will and Kidney energy especially during the winter months.