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Edo Sensual Japanese Incense

Traditional Japanese style incense.

This incense is a result of Nippon Kodo's 430 years of incense craftsmanship, and it shows. The packaging is based on the design and patterns of Japanese clothing. The incense has a pleasing aroma that rises and extends itself easily, yet with very little smoke. 

Edo Sensual has a silky and tart, complex fragrance that is a touch sweet.

  • Made with Japanese Binchō-tan charcoal. 
  • Less smoke when burning.
  • Approx. 220 sticks (90g) / box

Burn Time: Approx. 25 min.

Dimensions:2 7/8 X 6 1/8 X 1 1/4 inches / 73 X 155 X 32 mm

Customer Reviews

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Edward R.
High Quality Incense

This was my first experience with Japanese Incense and I was impressed by its strength of scent and also by the fact of it producing very little smoke. Although this particular aroma was not to my immediate liking, after burning a few more sticks it has grown on me. It has a strong earthy smell with a robust floral undertone. I look forward to trying out more of these Japanese Incense. I would also add that any purchase from the Gnostic Store is a good purchase because of the important work that they are doing for humanity at this time.

Miguel Aldaz
Silky smooth

Has a very silky, grounded perfume to it. Sensual is a very good word to describe this incense. So very good...

Heidi Otten
Love it!

This is one of my favorites, it smells great and burns very clean.

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