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  • Tibetan Mugwort Incense

    ike all sage varieties, Black Sage or Mugwort is a form of artemisia, whose name comes from the Greek goddess Artemis (Diana). These plants are traditionally used for cleansing ourselves and our spaces (home, work) of astral parasites and negative energies. 

    We prefer mugwort over white sage because mugwort grows easily abundantly; white sage is being over-harvested by unethical suppliers (they often steal it from restricted sacred lands).

    This blend delivers the fragrance of mugwort along with herbs and plants from the Himalayan region.

    Uses of Benzoin:

    • Repel negative emotions
    • Dispel negative thoughts
    • Cleanse a space
    • Drive away negative influences
    • 30 incense sticks
    • Burn Time: Approx. 30 Minutes
    • Sticks Size: 4.5" Long
    • Incense holder

    Handmade in Nepal.

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