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  • Chie Agarwood (Lingum aloes) Natural Incense

    Agarwood is one of the most expensive and prized woods in the world. It is also known as jinkoh, Lignum aloes, oud, oudh, aloes, or aloeswood (it is not the aloe plant). Agarwood is an important incense in Christian, Hindu, Muslim and other traditions all over Asia and the Middle East.

    This stick form was made from agarwood trees in Indonesia, blended with machilus dry bark powder.

    Agarwood has a wonderful, unique scent that is very inspiring, calming, and touches the heart.

    Agarwood is the scent of the sign of Sagittarius. When Sagittarius people are sick, to be healed quickly they must smell aloeswood on a daily basis.

    Chie incense is all natural, has no bamboo core, and burns cleanly, with almost no smoke.

    • Vegan friendly
    • No artificial fragrance or dye
    • 100% natural ingredients
    • Agarwood harvested in Indonesia. Incense made in Japan.
    • Box includes 30 sticks and a mini incense holder
    • Burn Time is approximately 45 minutes
    • W x H x D (inch) 6-13/16 x 1-7/16 x 13/16
    • W x H x D (mm) 173 x 36 x 20

    Chie Incense

    Chie is a collection of genuine incense made from natural aromatic ingredients crafted by Nippon Kodo, one of the most revered and experienced incense makers in the world; it was founded in 1575.

    Chie means the ability to see things as they really are and to recognize the truth. Inspired by Buddhism, the Chie circle is painted with a single stroke in Zen calligraphy. It is said that the circle represents the infinite, the beginning and end of everything, enlightenment, psychology, and the universe as a whole.

    Customer Reviews

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    greg albarian
    Recived Abramelin Incense

    Material arrived promptly. I was not put out by the price and when the material arrived its scent is very beautiful. I am grateful. Thank you for your owrk and good product.