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Incense Charcoal

Three King's Charcoals are the most traditional and well known charcoals around the world. The quick-light round charcoals take only seconds to light up. Widely used in healing and purification ceremonies.

Just hold over a flame until it lights, then place on a fire-safe surface, like a brazier, stone, or pot. When it is white hot, sprinkle a bit of your favorite incense on top. We recommend frankincense, myrrh, copal, or benzoin.

  • Long lasting
  • Odor and smoke free

Includes 10 pieces of charcoal, available in two sizes:

  • 33mm
  • 40mm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Charlie Wilson
    Very clean burning and high quality charcoal!

    I use this charcoal everday, or at least every evening, for my regular resin incense such as Frankincense and Benzoin, as well as other resin incense that I add into the rotation from time to time. This incense charcoal is very clean burning in that it can be lit inside without giving off any harmful smoke, unlike other incense charcoals that I've purchased online! It lights fairly easily, simply have the patience to let the sparks subside and let it get at least partly white hot, because if the incense is applied too early before the charcoal really has a chance to light and heat up some, the resin can douse the charcoal that is in the process of lighting up. Overall I highly reccomend this product and this is the only incense charcoal that I use anymore, and I keep a regular stock of this charcoal in my incense drawer for everyday use! Thanks Glorian for making such high quality products available at a cheap and affordable price! May all Beings be happy!

    Adam Gill
    Elevates Rituals and Practice

    These exceptional charcoals create a promising and enjoyable routine for meditation because they burn long enough for multiple servings of incense and help inspire deeper states of practice. Lighting them with a match provides a more natural spark, and the quality is very dependable as always. Many thanks!

    Catherine Rodriguez

    Products are great

    illia kornea

    Great, delivered in 3 days


    Incense Charcoal

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