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Asafoetida Resin (Heeng / Hing)

While the asafoetida plant is most known as an herb for use in food, it also is a powerful form of incense that when burned disintegrates astral larvae (parasites that feed on our energy).

As incense it is very effective, totally natural, and far safer than using sulfur powder. 

This asafoetida resin is produced in India for use in food. It is the highest quality available. It is many times stronger and purer than the powdered versions sold in stores.

Because this asafoetida resin is so potent, usage only requires only a tiny amount. However you use it, start with less than you expect to need. For instance, on incense charcoal, you only need one or two small pieces. In cooking, a very tiny pinch is enough. 

Asafoetida is highly valued for its rich flavor. Since this resin is very high quality, it is also very "aromatic." It does not smell like the parsley / fennel family it comes from, but more like roasted garlic or onions. When cooked or burned as incense, the fragrance changes. 

Includes one (1) ounce of asafoetida resin, packaged in a reusable, food-grade pouch made from natural Japanese kraft paper with a resealable airtight zip lock closure.


  • Cleanse a space
  • Disintegrate astral parasites 
  • Use as a spice in your cooking (its great in dal)

Customer Reviews

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Edward Keto


Bobby Burke
Great tool.

It smells great to me and the amount will last a very long time. Make sure to powderize or crush otherwise it will produce a burnt odor. Thank you, Glorian!

Smells good, highly effective 👌

Smells a bit like garlic and onions until burned.

Smells delicious

The Asafoetida Resin has a roasted garlic smell to it. I like lighting it around lunch time because it smell delicious. Wonderful product!

Excellent quality

I ordered some Asafoetida from Glorian because I couldn't find it anywhere else online. It does smell like garlic And onion but believe it or not in many cultures, the skin of those two vegetables are known to purify spaces!
I am clairvoyant and clairaudience and can immediately tell the difference after burning this incense in my home. The space is clear and it repels both lower astral entities and earthbound spirits. This is a must have for any serious person on the path. There is no other incense as power except sulfur but that isn't safe to burn indoors.