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  • Jyoti Camphor

    Genuine camphor for religious use. This natural camphor, not the synthetic kind. Made in India. Includes 100 camphor tablets (two ounces of camphor).

    Camphor can be burned as incense in many ways, including using charcoals designed for incense. It is used to cleanse an area, even in cases of illness.

    Camphor is the perfume of the sign of Cancer. When Cancer people are sick, to be healed quickly they must smell Camphor on a daily basis.

    The word camphor derives from the Malay word kapur, meaning "camphor tree." Camphor is made from the oils of trees found in Asia (usually camphor laurel). When purchased, it generally is available in block form as a white, transparent, waxy, crystalline solid with a penetrating aroma. There are many ways to use camphor. Some common ones include:

    • Camphor is easily crushed with your fingers, and sprinkled over hot charcoals in a brazier.
    • Or, take a small pot (which will be used only for this purpose from that point on) and put a square of camphor into it. Heat up the pot until the camphor turns into a liquid. At that point take it off the stove and walk around the rooms of your house and let the scent permeate the environment.

    "We must have our homes clean in the physical world as well as in the Astral. Garbage bins are always filled with infected larvae. There exist odoriferous substances which burn larvae or "throw them out" of your house. The disinfection can be made with Belladonna, Camphor and Saffron." —Samael Aun Weor, Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic

    "Camphor is utilized in order to perfume and attract success." —Samael Aun Weor, Tarot and Kabbalah

    "The disinfection [to clean your home of astral larvae] can also be made with Belladonna, Camphor, and Saffron." —Samael Aun Weor, Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic

    Be aware that the smoke from camphor can irritate your eyes, so keep it away from your face. It may be too strong to burn near young children or pets.

    • Camphor products are toxic and especially dangerous to young children. Mouthing or eating camphor can cause seizures. Applying balms or ointments in large amounts and adding it to the water of a room humidifier may also cause children to seize. Other symptoms of poisoning include stomachache, nausea, vomiting, irritability and agitation. The onset of symptoms may occur very quickly - as early as 5 to 20 minutes.
    • Camphor is also a fire hazard. It should be kept away from heat, including hot water and microwaves. Never add camphor to water humidifiers or place in bowls with hot water. Heating camphor can cause splattering and result in burns.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews

    Glorian incense is always very high quality!

    Despierres Adrouin Louijean

    Jyoti Camphor

    Breath taking

    I have recently burned the camphor to cleanse because of a virus two family members had. One could feel it disinfecting the air. Thank you Glorian.

    james kluzinski
    Individually wrapped packets

    Individually wrapped packets Be sure to notice the individually wrapped packets before you buy them. unfortunately, I did not notice the Packaging material prior to my purchase.

    Angele Leroux
    Little squares of camphor

    Convinient nice little squares of camphor did 3 squares with 2 cloves of girofle mix well after burning some palo santo ,clean freshening the house .