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Hana-no-hana Floral Japanese Incense

In the Meiji era, a master of incense-making, Yujiro Kito, originated Japan’s first perfumed incense, “Hana-no-Hana,” a fusion of Western perfumery and Eastern incense-making. For more than a hundred years, Nippon Kodo has continued to make this beloved floral incense. 

Made from high quality sandalwood, Hana-no-hana comes in three fragrances:

  • Rose: a sweet, floral-woody scent
  • Lily: a dignified, green-floral-woody scent
  • Violet: a calm, powdery floral-woody scent

Each fragrance has a clean, pure aroma, yet with very little smoke. Even after the incense is burned, the scent remains in the atmosphere for quite a long time.

Includes approximately 40 sticks of incense.

Note: this incense does not include an incense stand.

    Burn Time: Approx. 20 min.


    • Long incense sticks: W x H x D (inch): 1 3/4 x 6 5/16x 15/16; (mm): 45 x 160 x 23

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    Charlie Wilson
    Great Gift for Mom!

    I bought these Floral Incense as a gift for my mother and she loves them! I actaully really enjoy them myself as she lit some when I was visiting her last weekend. These Incense have a lovely and calming woodsy floral scent.