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Dayspring of Youth

A Book by M

Harness Nature's Highest Energy for Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Elevation

"This work is a record of instruction received during different states of Yoga practice; that sealed book opened by the aspiring student during his development into his own inner states of being." - M

First published in 1931, at a time when charlatans and fortune-seekers were rapidly expanding their efforts to mislead humanity through mischievous spiritual teachings, this mysterious book by an “anonymous” author opened the doors for sincere seekers to real spirituality. He explains how proper management of our psychological and physical energies brings us into harmony with the divine. His message is at once scientific and mystical, intuitive and concrete, and completely in harmony with the scriptures of every religion. Although the author “M” could not state explicitly what was destined to be fully revealed beginning in 1950 by Samael Aun Weor, when illuminated by the light of the ancient Gnostic teachings, the wisdom of this book can truly be understood and valued. It provides a deep yet easy to understand explanation of how our bodies and minds relate to nature and to the superior levels of existence, and what we must do if we long to escape the suffering in our lives.

This book is great for readers of all levels: inviting to the beginner, clarifying for the reader familiar with the teachings, and deeply insightful for the experienced aspirant.

  • 300 Pages
  • 6 x 9 inches
  • Glossary and Index

Customer Reviews

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Adam Gill
Get to Know Your Inner Universe

This book contains immense knowledge and has beautiful depth that can be accessed by anyone. The easy to read, direct writing style and inspiring explanation of what is possible within Nature entices the reader to explore their own psychological and spiritual nature. I personally enjoy learning about the intelligences within my body, heart, mind, and spirit that the author didactically explains how to know through the readers’ own direct personal experience. I purchased this book from Glorian Publishing and find that it strongly complements the books of Samael Aun Weor, while clarifying many major religious and mythological teachings. This book is a spiritual classic and an essential read for anyone seeking truth.

Great !

Feeling this book, very interesting.

Murtaza Qutab
Amazing collection

These are some really precious reads. Thanks for sharing this important knowledge!

Dive deeper into yourself

This book will give life inside you in ways not known to the physical senses. A must read for the inner work and deeper understanding of oneself as part of the whole.

Trent Stokes

Sometimes diverging from the writings of master Samael produces a help shock to the consciousness. This book produces that helpful shock.