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Spikenard Resin Incense (Nardostachys jatamansi)

Spikenard resin is derived from the spikenard flower (Nardostachys jatamansi), from the Himalayan regions of Nepal, China, and India.

"Spikenard is the most sublime perfume of love. Spikenard is the perfume of higher initiates. It is the perfume of liberation. The perfume of spikenard efficiently acts on the consciousness of artists. Wherever art and beauty are present, the fragrance of the spikenard must also be present. The planet of spikenard is Saturn. The mantra of the elemental population of spikenard is “Atoya.” Spikenard is the perfume of the new Aquarian Age." - Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose

Spikenard is the perfume of Aquarius. When Aquarians are sick, to be healed rapidly they must smell spikenard every day.

Includes one (1) ounce of spikenard incense (resin and powder), packaged in a reusable, food-grade pouch made from natural Japanese kraft paper with a resealable airtight zip lock closure.


  • In a brazier or firesafe pot, light an incense charcoal. When it is white hot, spoon some spikenard incense onto the coal. Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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So glad that I have the opportunity to learn about this inscense.

Robbie Phillips
Quality item

Good product sealed in nice well marked pouch. Found the amount of incense perfect for my needs.

shon spinn

Everything I get from the store is high-quality great service and I love giving back to what they give me

Bob Donlen
What a wonderful incense.

It is a wonderful incense. I'm looking forward to purchasing more from you. Thank you.

Stephen Hampson
Very satisfied

I never tried or even heard of Spikenard until the email from Glorian about Aquarius. So thought I'd try some but was concerned that being sent from the US to the UK, the parcel may not arrive in time. Wow, happily surprised at the speed it got here. The Spikenard Resin came in the usual high quality packaging all sealed and fresh. The little chunks are easy enough to break so as the right amount can be placed on the charcoal. I am very happy with the scent of Spikenard as it is a very nice and pleasant smell. So overall, I'm really glad I purchased it