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Practical Runes Poster

The ancient runes represent circuits of energy in nature. While there are many ways to use the runes spiritually, among the most important is an ancient method using the body to form each rune, while vocalizing the vibration (the mantra) of the rune. In this way, one can be charged with energy. There are runes for awakening consciousness, developing willpower, transmuting sexual power, and more. 

Samael Aun Weor taught many runes for daily practice. This poster displays all of the primary runes and how to perform them. Hang this in your prayer room for easy reference and inspiration. It provides a beautiful reference to the practices of the runes, their postures, prayers, and mantras:

  • The Seven Runic Vowels, their Mantras and Locations on the Body
  • Runes to Awaken Consciousness
  • Runes to Develop Willpower
  • The Rune to Negotiate Karma
  • The Rune That Prepares the Body for the Kundalini
  • Runes for Transmutation of the Sexual Power

The poster is printed on high-quality glossy paper and measures 18 by 24 inches, with sufficient space at the edges to allow framing.

Save on Shipping: If you are not in the US, consider the print-on-demand version that prints in your local region.

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Lionel Taty
Practical runes poster

Great inspiring poster!

Bobby Burke
I love this poster!

The symbols are great reminders. Print quality is very good. No complaints!

Anthony Williams
Great Poster

Good looking poster ..