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Pentagram Sticker [Purple]

Pentagram stickers are useful for protection from negative energies, and can be placed on doors, windows, notebooks, in your car, etc.

The adhesive is on the back. It is not transparent.


  • Size: 4" x 4"
  • Lamination/Coating: Gloss Laminate
  • Material: White Premium Paper

Learn how to use the pentagram.

Customer Reviews

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Te tra gram ma ton

Placed my order which got here on time. It was packaged with care. The quality of the posters are amazing. I will order from Glorian.org, again and again!!

Adam Gill
Can Stop Me in my Tracks

The grandeur and pure power of this image makes me wonder, "Who am I?" If these pentagrams are supposed to keep away negative influences, and if I always reverently hesitate before this image, then the implications are pretty existential & disturbingly reassuring.

Maybe we can figure this out. My mom and I have these stickers marking each of our doors. As I was writing this review, we have been interacting. She has bright silver hair with a purple dress. What is it from https://glorian.org/learn/courses-and-lectures/defense-for-spiritual-warfare/the-pentagram-the-microcosmic-star:
"Sol ejus pater est, luna mater et ventus hanc gestavit in utero suo,"
"The sun [in Tiphereth] is its father, the moon [in Yesod] its mother, the wind [Aleph, Mercury] hath gestated it in its womb [the spinal medulla]."
I will refrain from "instructing" you all, but the gold is paternal, while silver is maternal. Do with it what you will. 😀

Regarding purple:
“Violante commands me to write a sonnet; I have never in my life seen myself in such a fix, a sonnet is said to be fourteen verses, with tongue in cheek, three go ahead.

“I thought I would not find a consonant and I am in the middle of another quartet, but if I see myself in the first triplet, nothing can scare me in the quartets.

“I am entering the first triplet and still I boast of starting off on the right foot since with this verse, I reach the end.

“I am in the second triplet and still suspect that the thirteen verses I’ll complete count if there are fourteen and it is done.” -Lope de Vega
-Samael Aun Weor, The Mystery of the Golden Flower, https://glorian.org/books/the-mystery-of-the-golden-flower/the-abominable-vice-of-alcohol


Beautiful pentagram stickers, perfect size

Aryan D
Pentagram Sticker

Easy to peel to stick. I have one with whenever I do an Eternal Tarot reading.

Charlie Wilson
Beautiful Pentagram of Protection!

These Pentagram stickers from the Gnostic Store are Holy Symbols of White Magic and provide great protection in the space they are placed!

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