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    A Spiritual Diary from Prison

    Get Spiritual Strength By Having Eucharist At Home

    A Book by Samael Aun Weor

    “This man, in addition to committing the crime of healing the ill, is also the author of a book entitled The Perfect Matrimony, which is an outrage against public morality and the good customs of the citizens.”

    So stated the official document demanding the arrest and imprisonment of Samael Aun Weor. So began his diary written from prison, in which he documented his meditations and insights, and the process of spiritual initiation related to his imprisonment. This book is full of details about dream interpretation, meditation, degrees of initiation, the awakening of the sacred fire, and much more. Most significantly, he emphasized the necessity for spiritual aspirants to consume blessed food and drink at home, that sacred meal known in every religion by names like communion, eucharist, kiddush, tsog, prasad, etc. He also provided a complete ritual for families to practice at home around their dinner table, to invoke the help of the supreme savior known as Christ, Avalokitesvara, Quetzalcoatl, etc. Thus, instead of being cowed by the attempts of the dominate religions to suppress him, they served to increase his efforts to help humanity, resulting in this beautiful and deeply mystical book.

    "The Holy Eucharist should be practiced in the houses of all our Gnostic brothers and sisters... Thus, each home can become a Gnostic temple, and the head of each family is a priest. No more lodges, no more schools, no more sects, no more infamies, no more exploitation! The temple is within ourselves, and the High Priest is Christ... When a group of people around a table are verifying the Holy Eucharist, the ceremony reverberates in all the seven planes of cosmic consciousness, and opens a channel through the seven worlds through which the sublime energies of the Solar Logos descend: and thus the bread and wine become true accumulators of Christic atoms, which upon reaching our stomach are diffused throughout our organism, Christifying and sublimating it for the initiation.” —Samael Aun Weor

    • 264 pages
    • Illustrated
    • Paperback 4 x 7 inches
    • Glossary
    • Index

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Great book, I loved it !

    Beautiful book, I loved it and thank you all at Glorian for all that you do for humanity. Peace and love to you all my brothers & sisters !

    Marith Tollaksen

    I think this verse from the King James Bible, Book of Psalms chapter 12, verse 6 tells how I feel about this book: "The words of the lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times". I am deeply grateful

    Reviewer avatar
    Adam Gill
    Thought Provoking

    Our minds are imprisoned by the ego. This short and condensed diary lets the reader into the mind of the author. I personally enjoy how peacefully the story transitions chapter to chapter (or day to day) because it shows how cyclical and valuable time is, as well as the tremendous effort required to learn how to meditate.

    Sigurður Finnbogason
    Love it

    Good informations Great book! Interesting.

    Secret notes of a Guru

    The effort to bring these books to humanity in English is commendable. However, it’s causing great harm to those unprepared for the AZF. The VM SAW would have not allow the inner teaching of AZF to be given away until the time was right and the student properly prepared. Disclosure like this can lead others away from the teaching.

    Samael Aun Weor walked the streets and sold his books door to door to the public, to people who were not students yet. He dedicated his life to putting all of his books into the hands of the public. He never restricted access to the knowledge of AZF. Only his foolish students did that. In fact, in this book that you reviewed, he wrote:

    'I have finished this book of notes here in my sanctum of meditation. Millions of books had been written in the world, while on the Philosophy of Fire, a few hundred. Yesterday afternoon I was looking at “The Signs of Agni Yoga.” It hurts to read works so vague that they are not useful to anyone. “The Signs of Agni Yoga” contains the wisdom of Fire. But: what vagueness! I don’t know why those authors hide the truth about sex so much. What cruelty to this wretched suffering humanity, what lack of charity! The vagaries of the book entitled “Fiery World” are of no use to anyone. I like to speak clearly: to bread, bread; and to wine, wine. The redemption of the human being resides exclusively in the sexual act. All the power of the Grail and the igneous wings, and of the serpent, resides in the following key:

    “Introduce the virile member into the woman’s yoni and remove it without spilling a single drop of the precious liquid.”

    In this key of sexual magic lies the way to all powers and all initiations.

    We males have Nirvana in the testicles, and the one who wants to reach the High Initiation must have a good female, and be very manly...

    No more theories, no more vagueness, no more nonsense: men were made for women, and women for men. Here I speak in solid English so that everyone can understand me. I want my disciples to reach the altar of initiation with the male virile member well erected, because to reach high initiation, one needs to be very manly. The Kundalini can only be awakened by very masculine men, and very feminine women.

    All the books of esotericism that have been written in the world are already outdated and no longer good for anything. I, Samael Aun Weor, the great avatar of Aquarius, have delivered to humanity the greatest message of the centuries.

    If the morons want to laugh, let them laugh. That doesn’t bother me.

    Now we are speaking clearly, because this is the most serious moment in the history of the world. Let the fowls of Rosicrucianism, Theosophism and Spiritism fly in terror....

    May peace be with all of humanity.'

    This is expressed in all of his other books, such as:

    'The tenebrous ones state that sexual magic must not be taught to humanity, alleging that humanity is not yet prepared for it; thus, in this way, they close the doors of Eden to this wretched, suffering humanity.' - The Major Mysteries

    'It is urgent to unveil in order to teach. It is necessary to preach the gospel of the Kingdom in all the nations of the world. To preach without unveiling is equivalent to not teaching.' - Magic of the Runes