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  • Revolution of the Dialectic

    A Book by Samael Aun Weor

    The Meditation Method That Destroys the Causes of Suffering

    “The daily practice of meditation transforms us radically.”

    The world is in crisis, and everywhere there are wars and rumors of wars, promises and mockeries, bombardments and political parties that fight each other.

    It is absurd to suppose that we can depart from this social chaos with all of its fights and miseries, if indeed, individually, we do not resolve ourselves to perform a radical and definitive change.

    The legal or illegal changes of governments, the bloody dictatorships, the revolutions of blood and alcohol are all useless. If we truly want an absolutely radical change, then first of all, we need to change ourselves individually.

    What we are as individuals is what the world is. Indeed, the world is the individual, because the world is nothing more than the sum of all individuals. The problem of the world is the problem of the individual. Thus, if the individual does not internally change, then the world will never change either, even when many want to change it based on extremist doctrines, bloody revolutions, abominable dictatorships, etc.

    If we study our intimate problems in detail, then we have to arrive at the logical conclusion that no leader can resolve these problems for us. What I am is in fact the party, the group, the family, the society, the nation.

    The individual is the beginning and the ending of every order of things. Thus, if we want a radical transformation of this bitter and suffering world, then we need each of us to individually transform ourselves in a true and very intimate way...

    If we truly want to transform ourselves intimately for the good of the world, then we need to liberate the mind and heart from any type of evilness.

    • Paperback 5.5 x 8.5 inches
    • 274 Pages
    • Illustrated
    • Glossary
    • Index

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews

    Incredibly insightful book.

    Scott T Lohr

    Revolution of the Dialectic

    Rui Duarte

    Your gnostic teaching institution is a sorce of enlightenment thank you for your work many blessings

    Grateful for this book!

    This is the first book I recommend anytime someone expresses their interest in gnosis or in genuinely working on themselves.
    This is just a great foundational book that I re-read from time to time just to refresh my own practices. So grateful for this book and to live in a time when these teachings are open to the public.

    Samantha Sorteberg

    Revolution of the Dialectic