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  • Perfect Matrimony

    A Book by Samael Aun Weor

    NEW 2024 EDITION [Learn what's new]

    Why Sex and Religion are Inseparable

    "Love is the highest religion...”

    The First Public Revelation of the Sexual Teachings in Every Religion

    All religions have symbols, myths, and cryptic scriptures that point towards sex, but their real meanings were kept secret. The Perfect Matrimony was the first book to reveal those secrets to the public.

    The Western religions say that our suffering began when Adam and Eve ate the “forbidden fruit,” an obviously sexual symbol that was never before explained to the public. We are suffering today because we are still eating that forbidden fruit. When we stop repeating that mistake, we can return to עדן (Eden), a Hebrew word that literally means “bliss, pleasure, delight.” The forbidden fruit is related to sex.

    Sex is a terrific power that can create or destroy.

    Everything that lives was created through sex. Sex is the source of all life, even spiritual life. Even the soul is created through sex, but not the sexual act of the common person. To create something divine requires divine, sacred sexuality, which is very different from the common sexual act. To create spiritually, we need sexuality that is pure, divine, holy.

    This is not a book of theories or beliefs, but a practical handbook that empowers you to experience the truth for yourself. It is filled with practical exercises of sacred sexuality for singles and couples, meditation, astral projection, mantras, awakening kundalini and chakras, and much more.

    After putting these teachings into daily practice, the scriptures of all religions become radiantly clear, your spiritual practices become truly effective and powerful, and the empty feeling in your heart is replaced by something magical and alive. You will then know that real religion is not found in organizations, buildings, or books, it is found in the heart that is inflamed with divine love.

    If you only want one book about real spiritual practice, The Perfect Matrimony has everything you need. Are you ready for a spiritual and sexual revolution?

    • Great for singles or couples
    • Filled with practical exercises to acquire your own experience
    • Compatible with any religious background
    • 416 pages
    • Paperback 5.5 x 8.5 inches
    • Fully illustrated
    • Beautiful new satin cover
    • Translation fully revised for better clarity and easier reading
    • For the first time in any language: accurate translations of key mantras and terms
    • 224 footnotes added to clarify the precise meaning of important terms and concepts
    • Now includes a glossary (previous editions did not)
    • Index

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