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Igneous Rose

A Book by Samael Aun Weor

Practical Spiritual Techniques That Use Nature's Power to Help Humanity

  • Meditation, Mind, and Becoming a Buddha
  • The Kundalini of the Mental Body
  • Plants That Alleviate Suffering

All of the great prophets and avatars performed great feats in their effort to assist humanity. This book is a practical guide to follow in their footsteps.

All those who aspire to incarnate the Christ (also known as Avalokitesvara, Vishnu, Quetzalcoatl, etc.) must first know how to work consciously with the forces of nature. Samael Aun Weor provides detailed information about the elementals of nature, the awakening of the Kundalini of the mental body, the relationship between sex and the mind, the importance of meditation, and the development and perfection of clairvoyance. Although Igneous Rose was written as a companion volume to the famous Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic, this volume stands alone in the depth of its mysticism and the urgent call to action it sounds.

“If you want to progress in Nirvana, then you must sacrifice yourself for humanity. My sibling, you must become a bodhisattva of compassion.”

"We teach our disciples about great Nature’s royal art in our book entitled Igneous Rose. Igneous Rose is a book written for all those who are aspiring to enter onto the Devic path. In the book Igneous Rose, we deeply study the evolution of the elementals of the blessed Goddess Mother of the world. In Igneous Rose we meticulously study the elemental magic of a thousand plants. Therefore, all of those disciples who aspire to enter onto the Devic path must study in depth our book entitled Igneous Rose. We study in depth the elemental life of the earth, air, water and fire in our book Igneous Rose. Seven paths of Cosmic Evolution exist and Igneous Rose is the special book for all those who aspire to the Devic path." - Samael Aun Weor, Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic

  • Size: 5.5 x 8.5
  • Pages: 260

Customer Reviews

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Great information

Very practical especially when it comes to the practices with elementals.


Great book.

Robbie Phillips
Life changing information

After studying through the Tarot and Kabbalah book, I have found this Igneous Rose book to be a great companion. Highly recommend

Helen Hall
Very Nice

I am happy


I really like the elemental practices