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Pentagram Card

The pentagram is an ancient symbol used for spiritual defense. Pentagrams are useful for placement on altars and for protection from negative energies. 

This durable, glossy card is high quality and can be placed at the foot of a door or window, or framed on the wall. It is 6 inches square.

"The Gnostic pentagram is the human figure with four limbs, and one unique apex which is the head. The sign of the Pentagram is also called the sign of the Microcosm. It represents what the Kabbalist Rabbis of the book Zohar call the Microprosopos. When the superior point of the Pentagram is aiming upwards towards the sky, it represents the Savior of the world." - Samael Aun Weor, The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

The Pentagram expresses the dominion of the Spirit over the elements of Nature. We can command the elemental creatures which inhabit the regions of fire, air, water, and earth with this magical sign. Demons tremble and run away terrified in the presence of this powerful symbol.

Learn about the pentagram: How Should I Use the Protective Pentagram and What Does It Mean?

Customer Reviews

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Owen Williams
Beautiful and Durable!

Great quality and beautiful print!

Dimitris Kalamatas
nice card

i want my environment to remind me always of the transmutation. Thats why i bought the upward star card which by the way is really beautiful.

Home security 🐉

Very good quality, thick Index paper glossy finish. Thank you !

Marie-Chantal Brisson
Perfect quality

The pentagram is really well done, good quality printing and cardboard, vibrant colors. The shipping was fast and received everything in good condition. Thank you, very much appreciated!

Anthony Cox
pentagram card

5 stars for the "ONE STAR" ;)