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  • Oedo-Koh Pine Tree Incense

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    Japanese style incense in a lovely gift box.

    Pine is related to the planet Saturn, and is the incense of Capricorn.

    "The pine is the tree of Aquarius and possesses great magical powers..." - Samael Aun Weor

    The brisk and refreshing aroma evokes reveries of old Edo, where pines lined the streets frequented by travelers, keeping watch and protecting them. It is traditionally believed that the kami (deities) dwell in evergreen trees. The word matsu means both "pine" and "wait" (for the deity to descend), and the pine is part of the felicitous trio of pine, bamboo, and plum tree, and the auspicious pairing of crane and pine. Pine decorations are displayed at New Year's and a monumental pine tree is painted on the backdrop of the Noh stage - all expressing the pine's association with luck and longevity. In ukiyo-e woodcuts, boldy rendered pines standing in the midst of Edo-era people bustling to and fro are a classic motif.

    The incense is nestled in a paulownia box while the packaging is adorned with Japanese patterns in traditional colors. We paid special attention to textures and made sure the packaging has a luxurious surface finish. The Ukiyo-e paintings printed inside the package express the aesthetic during the Edo period.

    Each incense includes an incense holder that resembles the stone pavements of Edo. Tin was a favored metal by the upper class during the Edo period. The tin incense stand included in the package can be washed with water and will last for a long time.

    • No bamboo core for a clean burning, pure scent
    • Box includes 60 sticks and a tin incense stand
    • Key Note: Pine Tree
    • Burn Time: Approx. 12 min.
    • W x H x D (inch): 2.63 x 4.01 x 0.78
    • W x H x D (mm): 67 x 102 x 20

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Rick G.
    One of my new favorite incense

    This incense is perfect for home, office, at the park. The box is ornate and functional, allowing you to store and burn incense with the accompanying tin incense holder. The sticks are on the shorter side, but they provide plenty of aroma and atmosphere. I will be buying this again.

    Mike Kish
    Amazing fragrance!

    Love the smell of this! It relaxes me so well :)

    2524 nw 29 street zelaya de Zelaya

    I don’t like them there so small and they don’t have any scent at all

    Andrus Shilling

    Oedo-Koh Pine Tree Incense