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Myrrh Resin Incense, Common Grade

This is an affordable, common grade of myrrh resin incense. 

Myrrh is an ancient form of incense derived from the commiphora tree. Myrrh is a very profound and sacred incense, with mystical powers known only to the great initiates. As Samael Aun Weor said, there is a reason myrrh was one of the select gifts given to the Christ child. You can begin learning about myrrh in Igneous Rose by Samael Aun Weor. 

Myrrh is related with the heavenly region of the Innermost.

Myrrh is the perfume of Aries. When Aries people are sick, to be healed quickly they must smell myrrh on a daily basis.

It is advisable to burn myrrh incense during your meditation.

Includes one (1) ounce of myrrh resin. This is best used with incense charcoal (sold separately). Be sure to crush or powder the myrrh, so it burns sweeter.

Uses of Myrrh:

  • Cleanse a space
  • Drive away negative influences
  • Repel noxious substances

How to Use:

  • In a brazier or firesafe pot, light an incense charcoal. When it is white hot, place some myrrh onto the coal. Enjoy! Please note that when burned, powered or crushed resin incense usually smells sweeter than large pieces. 

Customer Reviews

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Egypt 🇪🇬

Smells good ! just make sure to grind into a powder before burning.

shon spinn

Myrrh Resin Incense from Egypt

Tristan Foison

I was hoping to recapture the same aromatic find in some European Church but instead, it smells like a burning plastic bag

Frankie Watson
Pleasantly scent

Thank you, arrival was timely and fragrance refreshing, results approving, thank you!

Maximillian Martin

Great quality