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  • Mainichi-koh Kyara Aloeswood Deluxe Incense

    Traditional Japanese style incense.

    Mainichi-koh (Daily incense) has been the most beloved incense by Japanese people since 1912. It is widely known, has the longest product life, and is the No.1 selling brand in Japan, with selected natural ingredients. 

    Kyara Deluxe has the elegant and real fragrance of Kyara (Aloeswood).

    Mainichi-koh sticks have no bamboo core, which means there is no wood odor when burning, so you can enjoy the true fragrance of the incense.

    • No bamboo core, clean burning, pure scent
    • Perfect for "every-day" incense
    • For meditation, relaxation, reading, listening music, peace of mind
    • Very little smoke when burning
    • Includes approximately 300 sticks

    Key Note: Kyara (Aloeswood)

    Burn Time: Approx. 30 min.

    Dimensions:  3 X 6 1/4 X 1 7/16 inches


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews

    Smells lovely

    Bobby Burke
    Sagitarians (and the other eleven) will surely enjoy this premium incense

    Long burning for such a small stick. Smell is wonderfully balanced assuredly generating the pleasant atmosphere your space deserves. I like to burn incense in my vehicle as well as indoor spaces. Excellent form of rememberance as well as serenity generators.

    Philip Wallace
    Love this wood

    As Aloeswood (Agarwood) is my astrological incense, I use this every day, all day. This wood is very rare and costly, but I feel it is well worth the money for the feelings of health and good will I get from it everyday

    Very good incense sticks !

    The sticks are thin, with a slow combustion!
    The smell is light, a subtle mixture with a sweet and woody note, very soothing, perfect for perfuming a room.

    Very Pleased!

    Beautiful scent, great quality, and long lasting.