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Yellow Book

A Book by Samael Aun Weor

The Divine Mother, Kundalini, and Spiritual Powers

Learn the practical science to work directly with the root energy of all existence.

Experience for oneself the reality of the ancient and mysterious Divine Mother Kundalini, spoken of in all the world’s great religions as Isis, Mary, Maya, Cybele, Ima, Hera, Shakti, Durga, Athena, and countless more.

Her most sacred science is protected in the secret heart of every religion: the upright use of sexual energy, harnessed with love and ethical purity. When followed with precision, sexual yoga awakens her divine intelligence in us, called Kundalini in Asia, and in the West, the fire of the Holy Spirit, the fire of Pentecost, resulting in the emergence of real spiritual powers.

Includes many practices of meditation, transmutation, astral projection, pranayama, and the long-hidden jinn science.

“We must search for the Divine Mother within our heart temple. The cross of initiation is received within the temple of the heart. She, the adorable lady of love, is the only one who has the power of awakening her children within the womb of the profound universal spirit of life.” —Samael Aun Weor

  • 4 x 6 inch paperback
  • 160 Pages
  • Glossary and Index

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Yellow book

Changed my life. Thank you !

Rui Duarte

Is amazing
Is a life change
Thank you

Iuliana SCheir
Powerful booklet

This book on itself is not enough to understand and to begin practice these powerful technics. I'm grateful it come to me after many experiences and knowledge which I previously integrated . The book on itself can be dangerous to the novice, in my opinion. Grateful for master Samael A.W. work.

Kiki Klimt
Feminine energy

I always had a feeling that Kundalini is feminine and most deeply connected to the earth, but there are things I could not feel or knew. I never had a chance to be in old monasteries. I am so lucky to find someone who was there and there his knowledge with us. There is so much wisdom in this little book.

Gregory Clements

Sorry for taking long responding. I would have to read it again to give it a review. During my research of the Fire body or the Electric Christ body- I came across glorian which referred the yellow book concerning that particular information. So I brought it and read it. It was informative as my interest was particular concerning 7 letters to the seven angels of the seven churches. In whole I would say that the book is excellent as a starter for information concerning deeper uncommon knowledge about God. So to me the author touched on the Fire very briefly- forwarding the rest of the information of that fire in his other works as I am reading now...So, TTFN😇