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  • Glorian Book Collection

    This is the complete collection of books currently available from Glorian Publishing, and includes every book by Samael Aun Weor translated to English, in beautiful, high-quality editions that will last a lifetime.

    These books took decades to write, decades more to translate and publish, and will take even longer to fully comprehend. Here is your life companion for the path.


    1. Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot
    2. The Aquarian Message
    3. Aztec Christic Magic
    4. Beyond Death
    5. Christ and the Virgin
    6. Christ's Will
    7. Cosmic Ships
    8. Cosmic Teachings of a Lama
    9. The Dayspring of Youth by M
    10. The Divine Science
    11. Dream Yoga
    12. Elimination of Satan's Tail
    13. Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic
    14. The Eternal Tarot (78 Cards and Book)
    15. Fundamentals of Gnostic Education
    16. Gazing at the Mystery
    17. Gnostic Anthropology
    18. The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled
    19. A Gnostic Prayer Book by SMK
    20. The Great Rebellion
    21. Hell, the Devil, and Karma
    22. Igneous Rose
    23. Introduction to Gnosis
    24. Kundalini (The Mysteries of the Fire)
    25. Light from Darkness
    26. Lord God of Truth Within by M
    27. Magic of the Runes
    28. The Major Mysteries
    29. The Mystery of the Golden Flower
    30. The Narrow Way
    31. Parsifal Unveiled
    32. The Perfect Matrimony
    33. Practical Astrology
    34. Revolution of Beelzebub
    35. The Revolution of the Dialectic
    36. Sacred Rites for Rejuvenation
    37. Secret Doctrine of Anahuac
    38. Secret Notes of a Guru
    39. Secret Teachings of Moses by AvD
    40. Sexology
    41. Spiritual Power of Sound
    42. Tarot and Kabbalah
    43. The Three Mountains
    44. Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology
    45. Treatise of Sexual Alchemy
    46. The Yellow Book

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Ronda Carr
    Book Collection

    This collection is tremendous. Thank you, Glorian! There are not enough words to express the extent of the impact of these readings. Our lives are forever changed as these books do more than deliver a direction. They change the way you conceive the world and yourself on a rudimentary level. I would go as far as to say they actually change the synapses of your brain. Once you delve into these books, you will not be the same; it is literally impossible.

    Super fast delivery

    It took less than a week to those books travel other side of the world. Books look to be very good quality and i am starting to read them and it is going to take i while :). Very happy customer here. Customer service was fast and helpfull.

    Trang Vuong
    Great Customer Service!

    The friends at Glorian are friendly. They responded to my questions and concerns promptly. The books and other merchandises arrived neatly packaged without any damages. I definitely will buy from them again and would highly recommend them!


    I got the books. I love reading them.


    Glorian Book Collection