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Tongsher Pala Tibetan Incense


From the box: "This is Tibetan incense. It is purely hand-made, based on a strict formula of ancient traditional method. it contains several different ingredients of highly flavoured medicinal herbs from Himalayan mountains. Generally, the Tibetan incense is used for spiritual ceremonies, during the meditation sessions and purification of surrounding environment. It also helps to keep one's mind peaceful and happy."

Like most Tibetan incense, Tonsher Pala is in the form of long sticks that can stand upright in a bowl of sand or rice, or laid flat in an ash-filled incense burner box.

There are two sizes: smaller, 6-inch sticks, and larger 10.5 inch sticks. Each contain 30-35 sticks.

The Gnostic Store gets this from the maker, to ensure quality. 

NOTE: The maker has ceased production, so what we have is the last of it.