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Pentagram Poster

The Pentagram is the ancient symbol of the perfect human being, the Christ, yet few people know the significance of its many details. This high-quality poster gives you a visual key to the Pentagram, while also providing its power in your room. The image of the upright Pentagram rejects negative forces, thus it is always good to have one visible, especially where you sleep or meditate.

The major attributes, symbols, and details of the pentagram are explained, such as:

  • The Hebrew words and their meanings
  • The Greek letters and their meanings
  • The Astrological symbols and their meanings
  • The symbols around the star, such as the sword, cup, staff, caduceus, and seal of Solomon

The poster is printed on high-quality glossy paper and measures 18 by 24 inches, with sufficient space at the edges to allow framing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Posters are shipped separately — in a tube — from the rest of your order and usually take longer than boxes or envelopes to arrive. Please be patient.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Francisco Fontanez
On a wall

I have it in between a tree of life and astrology poster. It's informative and every time I walk pass it i read a part.

Pentagram Poster

The Pentagram Poster is fantastic. I only wish it was a little larger. I purchased it to use as an object of meditation( Pentagram & Tetragrammaton). It has fantastic detail and a great amount of information. In addition you sent the "Tree of Life" poster, as a free gift. It was EXACTLY the other poster that I wanted, but it was not available to purchase as a single item. Thank you so much!

Sheunesu Dominic Mugabe
Pentagram poster

Excellent poster! Comes in high quality matte paper material. Moreover, it almost feels too precious to put on my wall so I am contemplating keeping it as a precious collectors item.

Jessica Jordan
Pentagram Poster

I am really happy that I purchased this poster! It helps out so much when I'm listening to the lectures and I can reference what areas are being discussed. Plus, it looks really nice hanging on the wall in the area I've created for my practice. Thank you!


Great poster, which came as an added extra with my order. I'm looking forward to framing it as I ve just begun to study the Tree of Life. Thanks guys!