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Major Mysteries: The Gnostic Jesus and the Path of Initiation

A Book by Samael Aun Weor

The Gnostic Jesus and the Path of Initiation

For two thousand years, the teachings of Christianity have changed dramatically, especially regarding its founder and inspiration, Jesus. A master of Kabbalah and Hebrew, Jesus made the secret teachings public, enraging those who were attached to their power and traditions.

“If the Lord had not been crucified, the destiny of the Western world would have been another. We would now have sublime enlightened rabbis everywhere, preaching Christic esotericism. The union of Christic esotericism, secret Jewish Kabbalah, and holy alchemy would have completely illuminated and transformed the entire world. Yes, the mysteries of Levi would have shone with the light of Christ. Gnosis (Da’ath) would have magnificently shone everywhere.” - Samael Aun Weor

Although the genuine teachings of Jesus were obscured and hidden from the public, the time has come for them to be restored and made known. In The Major Mysteries, Samael Aun Weor reveals the practical basis of authentic Kabbalah, Christianity, and Alchemy, the science Jesus taught, which explains how to return to Eden: through the same door we used to leave it. The return to Eden is the “narrow, straight gate,” the way to be “born again.” Any birth, whether of the flesh or the spirit, is sexual. The author also provides an amazing account of the private life of Jesus and his process of development. Filled with practical exercises, prophecies, and guidance for liberation from suffering, The Major Mysteries is an essential handbook for anyone who longs to know for themselves the truth of Jesus and his message.

  • Paperback 5.5 x 8.5
  • 350 pages

Customer Reviews

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John Simon
Excellent Book

All those who want to receive the Major Initiation must know and read this book. So helpful. Thank you Glorian Store for your work, It’s appreciated!!!

Joseph Mouangue
Transformational knowledge

Do not think twice about getting this book
Practical divine science.

Great Instruction

Great instruction on the path initiation, astral projection, and Jinn state.

Amy Nicholas
Major Mysteries

Really looking forward to this one! I started reading it on the website and it was so beautiful!

melissa ann argay-wenner

A bit complicated.