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Horsetail Herb, Organic

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Horsetail has many purifying and diuretic properties, and can be used as a tea, decoction, infusion, maceration, or topically as a poultice.

"...expels venomous substances from the blood; cures chronic head colds, old rheum, gout, rheumatism, lithiasis, white discharge, discharge from the urethra, venereal sicknesses, syphilis, gonorrhea, rashes, scrofula, sicknesses of the skin, fistulas, sicknesses of the kidneys, eczema; and in general expels bad fluids from the blood."

"...serves against dropsy, gout, lithiasis, illness of the kidneys, urinary irritation, cold of the bladder, retention of the urine, etc."

Includes one (1) ounce of organic horsetail herb, cut and sifted, packaged in a reusable, food-grade pouch made from natural Japanese kraft paper with a resealable airtight zip lock closure.


  • for relief from bladder, kidney, and urinary problems
  • for relief from rheumatism (arthritis)
  • for gallbladder stones

Study Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic for remedies and suggestions for use.

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Horsetail .... belilin

This horsetail herb is 👍 A ok.... good source of natural Silica, which is good for hair, skin and nails.