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Kundalini Yoga: The Mysteries of the Fire (2012 Edition)

A Book by Samael Aun Weor

Unlock the Divine Spiritual Power Within You

For thousands of years, many have wondered at the tales of the mysterious force called the serpent power or the kundalini, yet the method to attain this power has been hidden, misunderstood, or sometimes, intentionally sabotaged. Now, like a refreshing spring breeze, Samael Aun Weor wipes away the dust and reveals the sacred mysteries of our most ancient and holy science. With a firm foundation in scripture and practical knowledge, the method to awaken and develop the root energy of life is made clear and accessible to all. It is no longer necessary to theorize or debate: through the practice of the techniques in this book, one can know.

"You will find terrific secrets within this book, secrets that never in the history of life were published." - Samael Aun Weor

  • Paper 4 1/8 x 6 3/4 inches
  • 204 pages
  • Illustrated
  • Glossary, index, and an excerpt from the Tantric Hindu text "Siva Samhita"
  • Seven Chakras / Seven Churches
  • Sexual Yoga / Brahmacharya
  • Mantras for Kundalini
  • Meditation

Customer Reviews

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Sheldon Holland

Kundalini Yoga: The Mysteries of the Fire

Iuliana S.
Powerful Teachings

I never truly understood the kundalini and the role of the chakras until I read this book...must read again. This is another book to carry in your purse/mind/heart. Grateful to tears FOR MASTER SAMAEL teachings.

Edwin Soderberg
Kundalini yoga

Really like this book. It’s an easy read with the word definitions in the back, which I’m grateful for. I’m giving it a once through read, then I’m going back to attempt the exercises. I’m glad I purchased it. Thank you…….Edwin Soderberg


Highly recommend this to anyone looking to awaken consciousness and alleviate suffering.

Dean Schäfer
Full of Wisdom and practice recommendations

The book teaches us everything about kundalini and the seven chakras, also with quotes from the bible. Most importantly it teaches how you can transmute your sexual energy alone or with your spouse. It was a good read filled with information. I especially liked the part about the mantras for chakra opening and the description of every chakra. It's also focused on really deepen your understanding of the importance of sexual transmutation. I really liked the book, and I'm now using the techniques thought in it, and I started to feel effects, but it's still a long way for me.

It can be finished fast but you should really focus on the wisdom and not just read it to get it finished