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Tibetan Tara Devotion (Ribo Sangtsheo) Incense

This Incense is prepared by hand in accordance to the formula laid down by the ancient Tibetan doctors and medicinal texts. It is composed of 32 different rare herbal ingredients that have been used centuries in Tibet .

Tara healing incense is named after Tara, the Divine Mother. 

  • 30 incense sticks
  • 8.5 inches long

Handmade by Tibetan refugees in India.

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5,000 Star Rating

I just lit one and have been using them for special occasions. This is the first incense stick that I have found to indefinable. The description above is almost verbatim from the box, yet there is a star below the description that says, "Due to sacred content of the symbol and quote, this cover should be treated with respect, please, burn it rather than throw it away."

So, that tells us something right there. The quote being referred to is probably the Sanskrit (?) written on the side, and/or the description above that is on the box.

Tara incense

Great product! Thank you so much!

Tibetan Tara Devotion Incense

I just want to say that I am very thankful for Glorian Publishing and everything they have to offer! I recently bought a small bundle of incenses, charcoal, and sage from the Gnostic Store and the quality is AMAZING! I will now be ordering all my incense from them, as well as referring those I know to purchase from them! I use the Tibetan Tara Devotion Incense when I am going into a long, deep prayer, especially when I am asking for help from The Divine Mother. You can't go wrong with any choice in the store!

Great service

My incense was well packaged and arrived earlier than I expected for overseas delivery. Great service.