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Science Book Collection

A collection of books for the spiritual scientist. This collection saves you 40% off the retail prices. Includes:

  1. Beyond Death
  2. Cosmic Ships
  3. Cosmic Teachings of a Lama
  4. Gnostic Anthropology
  5. The Narrow Way
  6. Sexology

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Treasure books collection of my lifetime

In the modern world we got everything except the inner knowledge. Life would be meaningless without knowing the purpose of it, the scientific collection of master Samael’s books are treasure to know the true meaning and the secrets of life.

Mixed emotions but really good books

I loved reading these books and they are eye openers. But I wanted so much more out of gnostic anthropology, a lot of what was written about I had already learned about in lectures. Cosmic Ships is GREAT. I'd advise reading these instead of looking for certain information in the forum or lectures because the reading experience I got from cosmic ships was what I wanted from gnostic anthropology and I think that played a part. Also, I liked how these books connects the dots about what life is and what I thought life was before learning these teachings. He compares the two a lot and really puts on display our collective foolishness.

Love love love the Science Book Collection!

My husband really enjoys these books. They came in 3 days in perfect condition! So very pleased with the enjoyment I see in my husband when he is talking about these books! :)

Packed well

I have yet to read the books in this collection, other than one, which I am happy about.
The books were packed well.

Thank you, Samael Aun Weor (and the gnostic movement)
Daniel G