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Meditation and Dreams Book Collection

A collection of books focused on practical spiritual exercises and practical results, such as meditation, dream yoga, runes, and psychological transformation. This collection saves you 40% off the retail prices. Includes:

  1. Dream Yoga
  2. Elimination of Satan's Tail
  3. Light from Darkness
  4. Magic of the Runes
  5. Revolution of the Dialectic
  6. Sacred Rites for Rejuvenation
  7. Spiritual Power of Sound

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Lots of Exercises

If you are looking for techniques for mediation and developing consciousness buy this package. There are a diverse range of exercise: meditation exercises, astral travel exercises a long list. Revolution of the Dialectic is a book I re-read a lot and is one of my favorites.

Meditation what a gateway!

When I bought the collections of 7 books, I wasn’t expecting anything. Truly, I was somewhat an skeptic to everything related to the arts described in the books. Yet, to my surprise I came to realise that my whole life in one way or another I have been following the teachings in the books. The only one things missing was learning how to properly meditate. The travels I had been doing them for several years, yet I had no idea it was part of the Astral Body. The awakening happened due to a series of events that brought me into fighting for my faith. So as I write this, I have not finished all the books yet. I’m about at the same level of chapters on all, except one, The Elimination of Satan’s Tail. I agree with many things taught in these books, given that some elements have changed, as the books contains product from the 1960’s-1970’s. Yet adapting the material to todays evolutionary’s way of being, it all makes perfect sense.
I THANK YOU, otherwise I would have never found out what is that I’ve been experiencing and, who knows YOU and may see each other in that parallel world soon.

Thank you!



I have to admit I am getting a little carried away jumping every where I am at to make sure that I am not in the Astral plane. 😂

I haven’t finished the book but I bet their must be more exciting things to do then just jumping . 😂

Love and light 💡 ❤️
May all beings be happy 😃

Meditation and dreams book collection

The Gnostic store is great! Book bundles are awesome and incense too... Always top quality and expedient service, thanks!