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Dharma-chakra Tibetan Incense

A blend of 25 different precious aromatic ingredients, such as Clove and Soonpati.

"This Dharma-chakra incense is unique in that it is the only  incense that is prepared on the basis of the complicated directions prescribed by adviser of Tibetan Medicine Incense. Burning for prayer offerings and for purification forms a major ritual of Tibetan Buddhism. Dharma-chakra incense is purely handmade from scented medicine herbs and other precious substances. Each incense packet consists of 25 different ingredients. The combination of the centuries-old preparation and natural scented herbs makes Dharma-chakra incense richer and with superlative quality."

  • 19 incense sticks
  • 8.5 inches
  • Incense holder
  • Handmade reusable paper box with clasp

Named after the "the wheel of truth," the teachings that lead to liberation from suffering.

Handmade in Nepal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Stephen Hampson
Good quality Incense

Good quality incense and pleasant fragrance. Also comes in a nice handmade box

Adam Gill
Get's Dharma Going

It burns for a long time, especially considering that time slows down when we start doing the good works that this psychologically grounding incense pushes us toward.

The box is beyond beautiful. I am going to keep it and use for something special. It has a far brighter presence than is capable of conveying over a computer screen.

There really is something profoundly hidden in the experience of this incense. I would tell you what it is, but it is probably relative. Besides, I do not know. This is not a marketing trick when I encourage you to find out for yourself. 😮


Wonderful natural smell.

Smells wonderful. Very satisfied

Steve Hewes
Made with care

Long lasting, quality.

Negeen Farmand
Wonderful incense

Loved this incense, very earthy. Would definitely buy again!