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Astrology Poster

Have all the essential details of astrology at your fingertips. This high-quality poster gathers together the basic attributes of the twelve zodiacal signs and organizes them in an attractive and very informative image.

The major attributes, symbols, and details of each zodiacal sign are provided, such as:

  • The Twelve Tribes of Israel and their zodiacal correspondences
  • The Attribute each tribe provides
  • The Hebrew Letter related to it
  • The area of the body it influences
  • The Metal, Stone, Plants, Flower, Planet, Color, Element, Keyword, and Day related to it
  • The Ruler and Elders of each sign
  • The zodiac in the human body
  • The true days of the week and the hours of the day
  • The four elements in astrology

The poster is printed on high-quality glossy paper and measures 18 by 24 inches, with sufficient space at the edges to allow framing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Posters are shipped separately — in a tube — from the rest of your order and usually take longer than boxes or envelopes to arrive. Please be patient.

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Excellent product. I expect nothing less from Glorian. Always A+.

Astrology Poster

This wonderful work of art is inclusive of many elements that are useful for study. The poster organizes the zodiacs in such a way that allows easy access to information regarding specific elementals.