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HEM Camphor Incense Sticks

HEM is an Indian incense. Camphor provides the great smell of the Camphor tree, lighter in scent then Eucalyptus, but very menthol. Light, invigorating fresh scent. HEM is world famous for its traditional incense made from select woods, resins, florals and fine essential oils all blended skillfully.

Customer Reviews

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Robbie Phillips
Pleasing and mild

Enjoy the variety of incense from the store!

Adam Gill
Super Saturnal Scent

Although Astrologically this incense is related with Cancer ergo the Moon, it makes me think of Saturn. It is one of my favorites as far as scent is concerned. I have "heard," that the rings around Saturn are a bunch of Moons though, something that I am just now putting all together writing this review, so thanks for helping me figure that one out, beloved reader.

If you have ever seen a Camphor tree, then you know how beautiful it is. This incense closely correlates with the experience of a Camphor tree.

William W Murray IV

5 stars. Very good incense

Michael Gibson
Great Incense

I've been buying incense from the gnostic store for years and I will continue to. Low prices on quality products make shopping easy and having this incense is essential for a peaceful and pleasant space.

Amy Nicholas
Camphor incense

Just finished a box. Always made me feel that room was fresh... so I could meditate comfortably.