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Frankincense Resin Incense: First Grade Yemen

Frankincense, also called olibanum, is derived from Boswellia trees. It is a common incense in many traditions, and it has tremendous abilities.

Frankincense resin (Boswellia carterii), 1st Choice grade from Yemen are wonderfully fragrant white and translucent lemon and amber tears. Arid conditions in Yemen produce some of the finest frankincense in the world. Used throughout the ages to enhance spirituality, mental perception, meditation, prayer and consciousness, frankincense soothes the spirit as it slows and deepens breathing.

Please be advised the continued unrest in Yemen is dramatically affecting availability as well as price. Unusual methods are used to get product from the region.

Frankincense is related to Saturn, the Sun, and the sign of Leo. When Leo people are sick, to be healed quickly they must smell frankincense on a daily basis.

"Authentic frankincense is obtained from the olibanum tree. It contains great elemental powers.

"If frankincense is soaked in water, it has the power to make the elemental creatures of the water concur to our call.

"When frankincense is applied to the forehead, it has the power to make a headache caused by strong mental preoccupation to disappear.

"The smoke of frankincense has the power to make the masters and angels of the invisible world attend.

"Frankincense prepares the environment for the Gnostic rituals.

"Frankincense is a great vehicle for spiritual waves of pure devotion. It helps the mystical retreat because it serves as an instrument of devotion.

"In the ancient temples of the mysteries, those who were ill were surrounded with the smoke of frankincense in order to be cured...

"Frankincense must be used by all the devotees of the path" - Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose

Includes one (1) ounce of frankincense resin, packaged in a reusable, food-grade pouch made from natural Japanese kraft paper with a resealable airtight zip lock closure..

Uses of Frankincense:

  • Meditation and inspiration
  • Cleanse a space
  • Establish a healing atmosphere
  • Drive away negative influences

How to Use:

  • In a brazier or firesafe pot, light an incense charcoal. When it is white hot, place some frankincense onto the coal. Enjoy! Please note that when burned, powered or crushed resin incense usually smells sweeter than large pieces. 

"In order to cure the sick person, the patient must be surrounded by intense perfumes. Frankincense is the principal vehicle for the curative waves of the mind of the medic-magician, in combination with the vegetable elementals." - Samael Aun Weor, Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic

Customer Reviews

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Can't go wrong.

This is an excellent source of Yemenese frankincense. It is not my top favorite of all Franks however it is a go-to and is certainly worth it. I have heard there are 25 different types of Frankincense. Truly amazing how diverse these types are.

Thank you as always!

Robbie Phillips
Trustworthy supply

Great quality and quantity! Breaks down in a clean form with pestle and works well with coals.

Philip Wallace
A must have,

A friend of mine shared a bit of Frankincense resin with me, and I was hooked. What a beautiful perfume! As Frankincense is a sort of 'cure all' , this is burned daily, morning and evening. You will not be dis-satisfied with this fragrance.

Iuliana S.
Love the feeling and the smell

This become my favorite incense. I'll keep ordering along with the rose incense. Thank you

Kurtis Potter
Great quality

Great quality! Everything I’ve ordered from Glorian has been top notch. Thank you