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Bodhi Tibetan Sandalwood Incense

Exclusive! The Gnostic Store is the only online source for this handmade, all natural Tibetan incense made in India by Tibetan refugees. 

Of all the Tibetan incense we currently have, this one has the purest and richest scent.

Bodhi Sandalwood incense is hand rolled the traditional way using a high quality blend of red and white sandalwood and natural herbs from the Himalayan region. 

The fragrance of sandalwood is renowned for its effects on meditation and prayer. 

Sandalwood is a perfume of Mars and Virgo.

Each box comes with approximately 25 5-inch incense sticks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wonderful everyday Incense!

This incense is has a very calming and relaxing effect. It smells beautiful and it is clear that these incense sticks are well made with love and care. I use this incense, along with other great incense, on a daily basis. This incense is great for meditation, pranayama, listening to music, reading, or just relaxing in general. I will continue to purchase this incense and I highly recommend it. May all Beings be happy and free!

Bodhi Tibetan Sandalwood Incense

Since I began using this incense, I have found that my meditation practice has been more profound; not to mention, I have been able to sleep more soundly than I have in years. Whenever I feel any stress, or anxiety, I light up a stick and almost instantaneously a feeling of peace, and tranquility, permeates my space. I highly recommend this product.

BodHi Tibetan Sandalwood

Received my BodHi Tibetan Sandalwood Incense in record time. Don’t know what they do it. Very dedicated people. Awesome company. The product is out of this world, love it. Will order again many many times, these friends have my trust. Thank you 🙏

A very rich and fresh scent

These incense sticks are great to clean an environment, almost like the white sage sticks from HEM,
but are incredibly much more intense in its smell. I advice those who buy this to have a window or two
open when igniting this one. A bit to sharp for my nose in general, but could be used to freshen up a bathroom etc.

Tibetan Sandlewood

Wonderful scent, great for meditation. Will definitely purchase again.