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Samael Aun Weor Book Collection

This is the complete collection of books currently available from Glorian Publishing, discounted 40% off.


  1. Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot
  2. The Aquarian Message
  3. Aztec Christic Magic
  4. Beyond Death
  5. Christ and the Virgin
  6. Christ's Will
  7. Cosmic Ships
  8. Cosmic Teachings of a Lama
  9. The Dayspring of Youth by M
  10. The Divine Science
  11. Dream Yoga
  12. Elimination of Satan's Tail
  13. Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic
  14. The Eternal Tarot (78 Cards and Book)
  15. Fundamentals of Gnostic Education
  16. Gazing at the Mystery
  17. Gnostic Anthropology
  18. The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled
  19. A Gnostic Prayer Book by SMK
  20. The Great Rebellion
  21. Hell, the Devil, and Karma
  22. Igneous Rose
  23. Introduction to Gnosis
  24. Karma is Negotiable by NA
  25. Kundalini Yoga: The Mysteries of the Fire
  26. Light from Darkness
  27. Lord God of Truth Within by M
  28. Magic of the Runes
  29. The Major Mysteries
  30. The Mystery of the Golden Flower
  31. The Narrow Way
  32. Parsifal Unveiled
  33. The Perfect Matrimony
  34. Practical Astrology
  35. Revolution of Beelzebub
  36. The Revolution of the Dialectic
  37. Sacred Rites for Rejuvenation
  38. Secret Doctrine of Anahuac
  39. Secret Teachings of Moses by AvD
  40. Sexology
  41. Spiritual Power of Sound
  42. Tarot and Kabbalah
  43. The Three Mountains
  44. Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology
  45. The Yellow Book

And the DVD Sex: The Secret Gate to Eden.

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Great quality books! Thanks!

Amazing Collection of Books

These books of wisdom really are the way truth and reality is whether it is hidden or right in front of you, it is always around us. We just need to keep seeking it. Really pay attention to what is happening in the world and listen from within, and the divine mother and inner christ will guide us. Truly remarkable that the light never gives up, and is pure of divine love. It is really up to us to connect to our inner light, learn from experiences and change ourselves from the inside then we can connect and be part of change and affect the world in a positive way and help others. These books reflect the importance of learning from our mistakes and correcting errors, hence how we can reach the best version of ourselves in which Jesus taught us, to liberate ourselves from suffering which is also caused from ignorance and deceit. When we realise who we truly are, then anything is possible and knowledge put into practice, liberates us from suffering which takes incredible effort to do so. All in all, all these books are a lifetime of knowledge and is written with love and good intentions based on experiential knowledge as well as a deep explanation on why everything exists, and listening from within, these books will help with any situation one finds themselves in. Thank you Glorian Publishing for helping publish Samael's books. Highly recommended


Amazing and beautiful quality. Everyone should buy this if you can afford it! best buy ever

Samael Aun Weor Book Collection

All books arrived in great condition. Thank you

Amazing. Simply Amazing.

The fact that it’s even possible to have all of this knowledge in one set of books is amazing. There are lifetimes worth of wisdom that can be learned in a single book from this collection, and an eternity of light to behold from having access to all of the books. Thank you for making this possible, and even affordable.