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Healing Book Collection

Books related to the work of the priest and priestess: healing themselves and others using mantras, plants, and other remedies including rituals and practical work with nature. This collection saves you 40% off the retail prices. Includes:

  1. Aztec Christic Magic
  2. The Divine Science
  3. Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic
  4. Igneous Rose
  5. Practical Astrology
  6. Secret Teachings of Anahuac

Customer Reviews

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Forever healing

The healing b9ok collection is amazing well organized and samael has d9ne some great work for humanity with putting together this information I can not be more grateful for his work and also for the Gnostic teachings having this store thank you...

A very wonderful assortment of books

I've only just started to work through one of the books I received, but the thing that touched my heart the most was how they were perfumed with fragrances for protection and healing. The thoughtfulness of this touch was what made this a 5 star review. These days we are lucky if most places even send us the right order, but to go as far as to fragrance the books in order to inspire a sense of healing and protection is why I keep buying from the gnostic store. They really do have all of our best interests at heart. Thank you again for your continued efforts.

Awesome read

Very compelling and interest grabbing, intriguing, I can't put down books that are well printed and clear in explanations.